Home Security: Residential & Security Systems Statistics

People are becoming more and more aware of the benefits home security systems can bring. While Internet ads and word-of-mouth are a couple of ways to learn about the myriad of options out there, shoppers should do some research on their own. Here is a step-by-step guide to figuring out security needs at home and finding the best home security systems.

Home Security Systems Without Monitoring

Most self-monitored security systems can offer various additional components, usually for an acceptable additional price. The system can work perfectly without them but with them, the overall experience will be much better. Those who are struggling to choose the right home security systems without monitoring may not have found their match yet because they are not following the appropriate steps.

Owning an Apartment Complex Pros and Cons

If you buy an apartment complex, some of the advantages include multiple income streams, building equity, easier financing in the future, tax advantages, capital appreciation, growing your real estate portfolio, and economies of scale. On the other hand, the disadvantages of owning an apartment building or complex include the time investment, external effects, limited liquidity, unreliable tenants, and unexpected maintenance costs.

5 Best Tools to Cut Tiles

If you’ve been left wondering by the thought of cutting a porcelain tile without a wet saw, there are several ways to do so. A glass cutter is the simplest one. Another type of tile is the ceramic tile. To cut them into simple straight cuts, a carbide-tipped pen can be used. Additionally, you may need to use a sander to remove any surfaces that have been left over after cutting the tile. 

7 Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

If your interior design feels a little outdated, freshen things up with a home makeover, whether that means putting new throw pillows on your sofa or remodeling your master bedroom. Regardless of the scope of your project, incorporate one (or more) of these top design trends for 2020, all compiled in an infographic by Stoneside Blinds & Shades.

How To Repair The Famous Basements Of Movies And TV

It’s not all horror films and killing sprees. Basements have played a role in the classic adventure comedy The Goonies. There have been basement scenes that reveal information about the characters, like in John Wick. In That 70s Show, the basement hang-out spot is where most of the activity happens. And of course, the Wheeler basement in Stranger Things has been the site of many important plot developments.

Build Your Dream Space with DIY Metal Building Kits

With DIY metal building kits, no cutting, welding, or heavy, equipment required and every framing component can be lifted with average human strength and assembled with common household tools. DIY steel buildings are the ultimate option for the DIYers who want to save time and money wherever possible. To erect a DIY metal building, you don’t have to be a construction professional. You only need detailed plans and drawings, and instruction manual, and perhaps a couple of friends.

How to Remove Garage Door Dents

It can happen to anyone, maybe that day you didn’t reverse properly, or drop something heavy at the wrong place, or you inherited a dented garage door, the list goes on… In any case, now you want to fix it. Before you set impossible expectations in your mind, it’s important to know a few things about garage door installation first. In this infographic, learn how to remove garage door dents.

How To Become A Landlord

So you have heard over the last decade or even longer, that the key to getting rich is to own and manage real estate investment properties.  You can even do it with no money down, purchase a tax lien, buy an REO from a bank, and so forth… in other words, become a landlord. Sounds exciting? It is possible to make a good living and profit from real estate rentals. However, there is a lot of work that you need to get yourself familiarize with first.