Fibreglass vs Concrete Pools

Once deciding to install a pool, the next step is to determine whether a fibreglass shell or concrete build is best. There are many considerations at play here, including the cost, individual yard and design requirements, and longevity of the pool. This guide outlines the key factors to help inform your backyard pool decision.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panels

Solar panels are an effective, environmentally-friendly source of energy but not all solar panels are created equal. Courtesy of the solar panel experts at SolarBright, this quick infographic guide helps customers choose the best solar panels possible. For more information on how to choose the best solar panels, check out the following infographic.

Metal Garages vs. Wooden Garages – Which is the Better Option?

In the last few decades, the demand for steel garage buildings has increased due to its broad traits like affordability and low maintenance. Compared to metal, wood needs frequent maintenance and repairs. There are in fact multiple other factors that make the competition tough. Here is a detailed infographic that provides in-depth knowledge about the two garage types.

Home Security: What You Need To Do

Home security is a valuable investment today since 1 out of ever 40 houses in Australia are burgled in a year. It’s important to be familiar with the different types of home security systems first to determine what’s right for your home and your needs. The following infographic takes a look at home security and what you need to do to be safe.

Is Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly? Tips for a Sustainable Bathroom

Home interior is usually the first place that springs to mind when thinking about little gestures one can do for the planet. In fact, there’s lots to do to make your space more environmentally friendly, even… your bathroom. The team at Bathing Solutions have done research to find out the best ways you can adapt your bathroom to make it more eco-friendly. This visual provides top tips for a more sustainable bathroom.

Design an Awesome Metal Garage and Make the Most Out of It

Garages are an important addition to any home or business for increased storage and vehicle protection. Your garage is a double-duty place to store your car to keep your vehicles safe from the weather elements as well as a storage space for all of those things that you want to keep nearby. How can you design a perfect metal garage that can offer ample space for your purpose?

The Ultimate Metal Building Installation Checklist

Steel structures are flexible and cost-effective building solutions. Highly durable and virtually maintenance-free, metal building systems can be customized to capture any desired look or functional use. From choosing the right foundation to the selection of doors, windows, color, roof-style, etc., you need to check every aspect to ensure the correct and timely installation of your building. Follow this visual checklist to be sure your building site is ready to go on the day of installation.

How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Furniture

Your furniture does a lot for you. From giving you a place to lounge after a long day to providing the perfect setting for making family memories, your couches, chairs and ottomans really do a great job of pulling their weight around the house. So it’s only fitting that they deserve the right upholstery and fabric.