Becoming the CEO of Your Home

In business, a manager must track budgets and costs, develop annual processes to get work done more efficiently, and manage risk for unexpected situations. It’s about time to apply these same strategies to home ownership. After all, it’s one of the biggest investments a person will make.

The WD-40 Survival Guide

Let’s face facts – you never know when disaster might strike. It might come in the form of a hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire or a myriad of other occurrences. The key question is, “do you what you would do if your life were suddenly in your own hands?” How can WD-40, the name synonymous with lubricants, play a role?

Deterring a Burglar: Understanding Home Security

In today’s fragile economy, protecting the assets and sanctity of your home is more important than ever. One of the keys is creating multiple layers of defense that a thief must penetrate before gaining access to your home. This infographic provides some tips for better home security.

The Path to Owning Your First Home

Let’s face facts: the home buying process can be a bit overwhelming for a first time buyer. How much can I afford? Do I need to have a down payment and how much? These and other important questions are answered in the following infographic, published by The Provident Bank of NJ, which outlines the process of buying a home along with key things to consider as you begin the path towards becoming a home owner.

Saving Trees: Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Moving anytime soon? Just how many cardboard moving boxes do you think you will use? Depending on your accumulation of stuff, your answer will be “a lot,” “dozens” or “so many I can’t count.” The research team at crunched some numbers and discovered not only how many boxes you’re likely to use, but how many the entire population of 42 million Americans moving this year will use in 2012 alone.

The Riskiest Things Landscapers Do Every Day

This infographic highlights everyday dangers that landscapers face such as allergic reactions, cuts and amputations, machinery, pesticides, chemicals, sun, and high temperatures. Many of these risks are also present for those who do their own lawn care – which shows the importance of hiring qualified and insured landscaping and lawn care professionals to do these jobs for you.

DIY Wood Deck Inspection

Is your wood deck in danger of collapsing? Find out now by inspecting your deck properly. This helpful infographic from Ricks Custom Fencing and Decking highlights the steps of a DIY wood decking inspection.

Should You Rent or Buy?

To rent or to buy? That’s the big question for many families today. With the housing market in a dip, many people are hearing that it’s a good idea to purchase a house. However, it is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. helps weigh the pros and cons of renting versus buying.

The Psychology of Color

Color is not as simple as it seems. According to this infographic from CertaPro Painters of Louisville, it evokes emotion and triggers your senses. With this in mind, the infographic beautifully explores colors that should and should not be used in interior decorating, as well as why certain colors are used in advertising.

Deconstructing a Safe Room

Simply put, a safe room is a secure, reinforced, well-stocked room where individuals can go to avoid the risks and potential dangers that may arise in other parts of a home. But how do you create a safe room in your house? This infographic provides some ideas.