The History of Window Blinds

Window covers may often be overlooked when designing a home but they are a very important element to maintain comfortable temperatures in a living space. Through time, blinds have been used to improve the quality of life in homes. The following infographic from Blindsgalore that takes us through the history and development of window covers.

Style Your Home with Feng Shui: Colour and Elements

This simple infographic from URBANARA looks at the relation of Feng Shui and colour in application to your interior design. Colour can effect our emotions and how we perceive our space, but it can also have sub-concious implications that are relevant for different life styles. Is your house Zen enough?

Kitchens: Heart Of The Home

Eurofit Direct blog writes about home improvement and DIY related news and articles, and to compliment the topics, they have now developed a infographic entitled “Kitchens: Heart Of The Home.” The infographic looks at kitchens and how they are the heart of homes across the world. But rather than look at traditional things, they took a different angle.

Generational Differences of Today’s Homebuyer

Generational selling is something that is very important to consider as a Realtor in today’s market. This infographic from Smith & Associates displays the differences in personality, communication, financial stages, technology familiarity, and what is important to each person in the sales process.

Home Safes – Everything You Need to Know

Choosing the right safe for your home can be a difficult task. Should you install a wall safe or will a floor safe suffice? Should it be fireproof and for how long? This helpful infographic from Safe Options aims to resolve all those questions regarding home safes.

Choosing a Light Source

Shopping for light bulbs is not always a walk in the park. In this infographic you will be able to compares fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, LED, xenon, and even candle light sources as well as understand the differences between the many options out there.

Becoming the CEO of Your Home

In business, a manager must track budgets and costs, develop annual processes to get work done more efficiently, and manage risk for unexpected situations. It’s about time to apply these same strategies to home ownership. After all, it’s one of the biggest investments a person will make.

The WD-40 Survival Guide

Let’s face facts – you never know when disaster might strike. It might come in the form of a hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire or a myriad of other occurrences. The key question is, “do you what you would do if your life were suddenly in your own hands?” How can WD-40, the name synonymous with lubricants, play a role?