How to Make Money on Instagram

Billions of people are using Instagram each month, millions of which are regularly engaging with their favorite brands. Instagram has become an open marketplace of sorts and money is flowing with each like or follow. If you want to get in on the action and start making money on Instagram, then take the time to update your social media profile and get followers.

12 Ways to Protect Your Business From a Ransomware Attack

In our modern, hyper-connected world, your business is incredibly vulnerable to many insidious types of cybersecurity threats. Chief among those are ransomware attacks, which covertly lock you out of your own files and then demand payment to recover them. This malicious software can halt your entire business if you are not actively employing security practices to protect your valuable data.

How to Survive WordPress Website Hacking

Are you the one among millions who use WordPress as their CMS platform and looking to resolve the hacking problem for your website? With such huge variety of features, there are higher chances of WordPress websites getting hacked. On an average, 30000 WordPress websites get hacked on a daily basis and about 4000 websites get damaged due to SEO plugins. 

Online Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Every-time a new technology is developed, it can change the way the world thinks. Part of that involves the way scammers trick their victims. Here, The SSL Store has created a timeline of 21 scams that crept into some of the world’s greatest innovations.

15 Open Source Security Testing Tools For Web Applications

The vulnerability of websites can be costly for any apps. Since attacks on websites and web apps are increasing at an alarming rate, it is indeed a must that they should undergo rigorous testing. The golden question is how? Obviously plethora of tools are available, but which one to choose? Let’s have a look in the following infographic by Testbytes.

Cyber Security Lessons From Pop Culture

We have all seen the classic Hollywood hacking in movies and television. A typical scenario involves a man in a basement dressed in all black, typing on a keyboard at an unrealistic rate and instantly hacking into a person or organization’s files. The reality? Hacking is not immediate. And hackers can look like ordinary people, roaming the streets, even hacking next to you at a cafe or restaurant.

The Biggest WordPress Headaches of 2018

The team at Pagely surveyed a variety of WordPress users about the biggest challenges they face and the problems go far beyond managing their content and designing their presence on the web. Respondents said their biggest issues were performance Issues (52%), security issues (41%), and site-breaking updates (35%). Learn what the biggest WordPress headaches of 2018 are in the following infographic.

Rich Snippets

We see them everywhere in the SERPs, with some verticals having a higher abundance of them than others. Now how can increase your search click-through ratio with Snippets? The Infographic Design Team explores this further in the following infographic.