The Top 25 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in the World

Social media has changed the world and how we communicate. It was and continues to be a crucial tool for uniting humanity during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is no wonder that many social media platforms gained many new users during a time when we had no choice to be apart. Semrush has analyzed various statistics to provide a fascinating snapshot of how social media is being used around the world today.

Havoc in Your Datacenter?

Heat is the number 1 cause of equipment failure in your datacenter. Studies have also shown that cooling cost is the second most expensive ongoing cost in a datacenter.  Equipment failure due to excessive heat is expensive and preventable, also the associated interruptions of service cost companies millions of dollars annually in lost revenue. Learn more about this in the following infographic.

The Curious World of Deleted Tweets

With political and socially acute topics dominating social media discussions, it’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the argument and say something you’ll regret later. It’s therefore not surprising how many people opt for deleting their old tweets. Tweet Deleter analyzed how 205 million tweets were erased by their users in 2020 and summarized these deleted tweets in the infographic.

Countries With the Fastest Internet Speeds

Basic necessities in the 21st century are food, water, clothing, shelter and Internet. We can’t imagine our lives without the Internet as everything is connected to it from your coffee machine to your car. The Internet has become a vital part of our life and allows people to improve their quality of life. In this infographic, discover which countries sport the faster internet speeds.

Getting Ready for a World Without Third-Party Cookies

The browser cookie has been around since 1994. Until recently, questions and concerns about online privacy we’re not a top priority. However, today, laws or regulations dealing with privacy are a common occurrence across the world. The removal of third-party cookies is set for early 2022. This infographic from district m explores how to get ready for a world without cookies.

What Information Are Giant Tech Companies Collecting From You?

What information are some of the largest tech companies in the world collecting on their users and profiting off of as they sell this information to third parties and advertisers?From facial recognition data to your mouse movements, you’ll be shocked at just how much they know about you. The following infographic, courtesy of, lays it all out.

Getting Out of the Phish Net

85% of the 384 billion emails sent each day are spam. Despite annual training, 35% of employees don’t know what “phishing” means. PhishCloud explains why employees are a company’s biggest security asset.

Cyber Attack Cheat Sheet

Cybercrime is the fastest kind of crime growing in the United States as well as around the world. In the case of cyber-attacks, prevention is the best line of defense. Securing networks, data, and devices from attack requires knowledge of how these different kinds of hacks work. This infographic will provide you all the information you need to know about cyber attacks and how they are carried out.