Top 20 Things Recruiters Want From the Candidates

An HR recruiting professional exists to help a job applicant get the job they are looking for. Though the recruiters do not make the final hiring decision in hiring employees, they are tasked with bringing a handful of the most competent candidate to the hiring manager. The following infographic lists 20 of the most common things recruiters want from candidates that you won’t necessarily find in the job description.

The Top Skills to Learn to Defend Against Automation

Automation is coming whether workers want it to or not, and the best line of defense against it is learning the skills that are the hardest to automate. This infographic courtesy of Grey Campus takes an in depth look into the skills that will be the most necessary to have in the future, and the professions that are at the lowest-risk of being automated.

How Much is Imposter Syndrome Costing You?

Imposter syndrome is an extreme case of self-doubt that impacts your performance and success—which, in turn, can hinder your earning potential. This infographic from Intuit Mint looks at 5 different types of imposter syndrome, how it affects your finances, and provides tips to overcome it.

The People & Tech Behind Data Science

Data scientists use heterogeneous data to solve complex problems. With skills in mathematics and computer science, anyone can be a data scientist. Explaining more on the topic, outlines why it’s cool to be a data scientist, and how the AI software and tech they create can change the world.

Hiring Disabled Workers as Remote Employees

Today’s technological innovations have removed the barriers for the disabled’s participation in the workforce. This infographic explains how remote work can be an option for people with disabilities. If they have the right skills, they can participate in the workforce, as well.

How to Become a Data Scientist

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 11.5 million new jobs in data science and analytics within the next 10 years, but Intel estimates that there are only 1 million R programmers worldwide today, and the entire Kaggle data science community is only 2 million members so far. In this infographic, Cartesian DataSciences looks at how to become a data scientist. 

The History and Future of the Gig Economy

The gig economy will employee more freelancers than traditional workers by 2021. In fact, 1 in 3 U.S. workers have taken on some form of gig work. Published by GigWorker, this infographic explains who gig workers are, how they find gigs, and more.

What Job Seekers Today Expect During the Hiring Process

The recruiting landscape is challenging. Recruiters are in a tight race to find top talent and with copious job openings paired with low unemployment, the job seeker is firmly in the driver’s seat. It is essential for an organization to fine-tune their recruiting processes to steer A Players in the direction of their company and win the war for talent.  In the following infographic, ClearCompany looks at what job seekers today expect during the hiring process.