Best Careers for Introverts and Extroverts

Certain jobs may be better suited for extroverts or introverts based on their natural inclinations. For example, extroverted individuals may thrive in sales, public speaking, or other professions that involve frequent social interactions. On the other hand, introverts may excel in roles that require focused attention and analysis, such as writing, research, or programming.

How To Negotiate a Job Offer

Many career professionals know they should negotiate a job offer. But most people hold back for a few reasons. They might not know that salary negotiation is a possibility and if they are unsure how to successfully negotiate compensation. Based on The Salary Negotiator’s experience working with hundreds of clients on their salary negotiations, they have identified five key steps that will help anyone successfully navigate a salary negotiation.

Anatomy of a Skilled Software Developer

There are several key traits and skills that can help a software developer become skilled in their field. These include a strong foundation in computer science, proficiency in a programming language, problem-solving abilities, teamwork skills, an attention to detail, adaptability, and continuous learning. Here is an in-depth an infographic about the anatomy of a skilled software developer.

Microlearning is the Future of Workplace Training

The future of work has radically shifted, much due to the global pandemic. One area that still needs improvement is workplace training. Workplace training is severely lacking, and microlearning is here to help. Learn how microlearning is the future of workplace training in the following infographic.

Jobs of the Future

The jobs of the future are coming. The question is: are you prepared? Learn what it will take to stay competitive in the new economy in the following infographic, courtesy of Executive Placements.

U.S. Cities With the Most People Working Night Jobs

A night shift is generally defined as a job that requires employees to work a portion of their shift during nighttime hours. The researchers at NapLab looked at data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to see how many people in metropolitan areas with more than 200,000 workers started their shifts between the hours of 4 p.m. and 4:59 a.m.

What Does an NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach Do?

If you are an Australian living with a psychosocial disability or mental health condition, then a Psychosocial Recovery Coach may be available in your NDIS plan. But, what is a Psychosocial Recovery Coach, and what do they do? To read more about Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, check out this infographic.

Will Web3 Change the Way We Work?

The institution of work has dramatically changed. Between remote work, the global pandemic, and Web3 technologies, it’s a far cry to the limited options of the past. See how Web3 is changing the future of work in the following infographic.

Why You Hire Slow and Fire Fast

In these times of considerable uncertainty, having an effective team at work is critically important. While it is difficult to let people go, it’s great advice to hire slow and fire fast. Learn more about how this dynamic works in the infographic below, courtesy of MBA Stack.