The 411 on 420: Is Marijuana Legal in Your State?

Marijuana legislation is changing rapidly. Additionally, public opinion about marijuana is undergoing dramatic changes. The Pew Research Center reports that in the last two decades, public opinion has shifted from 31 percent of the U.S. thinking that marijuana should be legalized to 61 percent as of the latest 2017 poll.

How To Avoid Contractor Scams

Here is an infographic that shows all the red flags that can pop up around contractor jobs and also includes tips on how you can avoid contractor scams. Scammers typically prey on the elderly, telling them that they need work done when they don’t or actually damaging portions of the home and then offering to fix.

What is Age Discrimination and What Can You Do About It?

Regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, and age, there are laws in place obligating companies to offer equal work opportunities for everyone. However, discrimination still exists in the workplace, and it can occur without you even knowing it already happened. Here’s an infographic that will help you identify and address age discrimination in the workplace.

What is Eminent Domain?

If you are a landowner, it’s important to know the facts about eminent domain. The government is allowed to take your land as long as they provide just compensation and claimed the land for public use. Learn more, courtesy of Dallas & Turner.

The Most Chilling Cold Cases in the United States

A cold case is a crime or suspected crime that has not yet been solved and hasn’t been the subject of a recent criminal investigation. Cold cases may be left open for the possibility of new evidence to help progress the investigation and uncover the truth. The TruePeopleSearch Insights team has created the definitive list of the most infamous cold case in each state.

How Long Does a CCJ Last?

A CCJ is a court order issued in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. CCJs hit a record high in 2019, but the average value has almost halved since 2010, reaching a record low in 2017. A CCJ can remain on your record for up to 6 years from the date of issue unless you pay the full amount owed within one month. In this infographic, Portify looks at how long a CCJ can last.

The 10 Largest Ponzi Schemes of All Time

It might be the most un-celebrated centennial you’ve never heard of – the year that the Ponzi Scheme turns 100. Since the term was ‘coined’ in 1920 when Charles Ponzi defrauded thousands of Americans, billions of dollars have been scammed from innocent people through the fraudulent investment scheme. Here is an infographic that counts down the 10 largest Ponzi Schemes by the amount of money scammed.