Cybercrime and Punishment Around the World

Cybercrime is on the rise around the world and has been increasing steadily for a number of years. Interpol describe cybercrime as a ‘fast-growing area of crime’ with costs running into the billions of dollars. Next year (2019) could see the total cost to the world economy rise to over 2 trillion dollars. This infographic explores the prevalence of cybercrime around the world and in the UK.

Drug Testing in Arizona Family Court

According to the National Council and Alcoholism and Drug Dependence addiction is a family disease. In this context, Modern Law recently published an infographic related to drug testing in Arizona Family Court. The infographic also stresses to be prepared if you are ordered to take drug or alcohol testing. One bad result could mean a loss in parenting time and legal decision making.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

The choices can be overwhelming when you are considering bankruptcy and need to contact a bankruptcy attorney. A simple Google search provides seemingly endless results, but how do you know which bankruptcy attorneys are worth contacting? In many instances, referrals are a great way to find a reputable lawyer, but most people want to keep their bankruptcy as private as possible. Asking friends and colleagues for a referral is typically not an attractive option.

Legal Steps to Take When Injured by Another Driver

In the accompanying infographic, The Law Offices of Kenneth J. Steinberg have laid out steps to follow from the moment after the accident happens all the way through speaking with a lawyer and prepping documents. They’ve also included ways you can help reduce and avoid injury before an accident even happens, as well as symptoms to look out for in the days that follow.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries account for $967.9 billion American dollars each year. Knowing how to file a personal injury claim properly is important knowledge to have. Learn more about personal injury claims in the following infographic.

Common Robocall Violations Of The Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Thousands of companies violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act every day. Many consumers are not even aware there are laws in place to protect them from constant harassment by telemarketers. Millions of American citizens have their lives disrupted every day by these invasive spam calls. In some cases, especially when debt collectors are involved, calls can get abusive.