Why Millenials Love Texting

It’s 2019, and Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers and Generation Z. By 2020, they will have made up the largest segment of the world’s workforce. Thus, they can’t be overlooked by marketers and HR-specialists. Here is an infographic with the statistics on why Millennials choose text messaging over the other communication channels.

Food Safety Tips & Tech

More than 1 in 4 Americans don’t know how to cook. In fact, Americans spend more on eating out that buying groceries! Can apps and tech gadgets really teach you how to cook? It’s time to learn. Learn more courtesy of this infographic from Kitchen Byte.

Secrets To Living Longer

From Ponce de León to present, everyone is looking for a way to live longer. We can learn plenty from Blue Zones – places where people routinely live longer than average. Learn all about the secrets to longevity courtesy of this infographic from Best Healthcare Degrees.

40 Aphrodisiacs From Around the World

Aphrodisiacs date back to the ancient Greeks, when it was believed that the goddess Aphrodite first emerged from the ocean on a seashell. Since then, humans have been ingesting “magic” libido-boosting foods and beverages in the hopes of increasing their sexual desire. These range from “love potions” made of herbs and spices, to all varieties of seafood, truffles, and even roasted ants or cobra’s blood.

5 Dresses To Wear On Your Birthday

Birthdays are special occasions and what other better way to celebrate a new year in your life by wearing a brand new dress? Celebrate your birthday in style and give yourself the present of looking your best on your big day by shopping dresses online. The following infographic looks at 5 dress styles you might wear on your birthday.

Weekly Yoga Routine Guide To De-Stress Yourself

If you have set for yourself fitness goals in this year, then one of the ways to achieve them faster is to practice yoga. Yoga is an all-inclusive form of exercise that takes care of your physical, mental and emotional health. It is particularly useful if you want to de-stress yourself as its various routines (yoga poses) can help relax your mind making you feel calmer, more energetic and happier.

College Student Drug Use Statistics

Young adults, and specifically college students, are entering an exciting period of their lives that involves major changes. From taking care of yourself to having more responsibilities, these changes can be overwhelming. Therefore, many college students turn to prescription medications, recreational drugs, and alcohol. This infographic presents the shocking facts about college student drug abuse.

41 Gym Member Statistics That Will Surprise You

Have you ever wondered how people actually use their gym memberships? A surge of new members have occurred in health clubs and gyms across the U.S., but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is healthier. This infographic reveals 41 surprising statistics and trends about gym memberships and how people use them.

An Insider’s Guide to Senior Living in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, Georgia provides an abundance of resources and activities for seniors. From the Alpharetta Adult Activity Center to Meals on Wheels, the town is an exceptional place for senior living. To make senior living even easier for those in Alpharetta, The Arbor Company has created this Insider’s Guide to Senior Living in Alpharetta, GA.