How Single Americans Research Each Other Before Dates

JDP surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out just how curious they get before a first date. The study found that the majority (88-percent) admitted to researching a potential date before ever meeting in person. Beyond that, three-fourths of people say they spend at least 15 minutes researching each potential date. But this type of pre-date investigation may be the new accepted norm of dating in 2018.

Being a Filipino: 21 Things Only Filipinos Would Understand

Filipinos have interesting traits, habits and taste that stand out among other cultures from around the world. More than the skin color and language, Filipinos also have a set of quirks and habits that define this unique race. However one looks fair, or dark, small or tall, this infographic identifies practices that easily identify “Pinoys” wherever we are and naturally give them a sense of identity.

Five Different Types of Alcoholics

No alcoholic is the same. However, it is possible to place the alcoholic demographic into 5 relatively distinct types. This infographic provides the facts you need to know about what those 5 types are and how each type member is affected by alcoholism. However, all of the demographic require professional alcohol detox and rehab in order to change their lives for the better. 

20 Natural Insomnia Cures (And the Science Behind Them)

Roughly 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year. This infographic provides 20 natural insomnia cures and explores the science and tradition behind them. Some methods are backed substantially by research, such as melatonin, physical activity, and lavender oil. Other methods are facets of traditional medicine from around the world, such as dried jujube, poetry, and worry dolls.

Amount of Physical Stuff to Live Happily

Many people all over the world are proving that by having less stuff, we can have more freedom – especially when it comes to any move or travel. While most people own thousands of physical things, they can get by happily with only a few hundred of them. This infographic by Bestpicko explores the amount of physical stuff we really need to be happy.

US to UK Men’s Clothing Translation

Have you ever wondered why the British blush when you compliment their pants? You might think that the US has a lot in common with their UK cousins across the pond, but all those different words and slight variations in vocabulary can lead to some pretty awkward misunderstandings! Check out this handy guide to the most commonly confusing clothing translations.

How To Apply False Eyelashes

Let’s be honest. Trying to apply false lashes for the first time can be an utter nightmare. A concept that appears so quick and simple can often leave us looking and feeling like we’ve just auditioned for the next Halloween movie. This infographic provides 9 tips by lash expert Loreta Jasilionyte on how to apply false eyelashes.