Romance Is A Little Bizarre

We are all attracted to relationships, and our bodies respond in some crazy ways. You won’t believe how tightly smells, hormones, neuroscience, and psychology all work together. Romance is fun, exciting, risky … and yes, it’s a little weird, too. Check out this infographic and maybe you’ll learn something that will help you to spark your next romantic relationship.

Teen Slang: The Complete Parent’s Guide

These days it is as if teenagers have their own language. By learning more about what they are actually saying, you will not only create the opportunity to build a stronger bond with them, you’ll also be aware if they are in any potential danger. The following infographic is a complete parent;s guide to teen slang.

The Cost of an Intimate Tagaytay Wedding

Tagaytay, a popular holiday town south of Manila on the Philippine island Luzon, is almost every bride’s dream wedding venue for her big day. This fact is not totally surprising, with the Internet flocked with couples who wed in the city and a wealth of inspirations to take after from. If you’re looking to follow the footsteps of these couples, then there’s a lot of planning that needs to be done,

America’s Bucket List

A recent survey found that 95% of Americans have a bucket list and over 66% of them say they plan to check an item of that list in the next year. Provision Living surveyed 2,000 Americans in January of 2019 to find out their most desired bucket list travel destinations both locally and abroad. The full analysis can be seen in the infographic below.

Life After the Recovery Process

When adjusting after the recovery process, take the time needed to re-adapt and ask for help when needed. JC Recovery Center has developed the following infographic which provides tips for continuing life after a recovery program. Some include continuing therapy sessions and support group meetings, spending time learning a new skill or finding new social activities.

Negative Effects of JUUL Over Teen Usage

It’s often called a smoking alternative. Juul has taken over the young minds and nowadays millions of teens are vaping every day. And the most popular device is Juul. But what makes it so appealing to youngsters? And how popular is it exactly? The team at were curious about the effects of JUUL on teens, so they’ve asked 10,000 teenagers all across America why they love their JUULs and how often they use this little device.

How Single Americans Research Each Other Before Dates

JDP surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out just how curious they get before a first date. The study found that the majority (88-percent) admitted to researching a potential date before ever meeting in person. Beyond that, three-fourths of people say they spend at least 15 minutes researching each potential date. But this type of pre-date investigation may be the new accepted norm of dating in 2018.

Being a Filipino: 21 Things Only Filipinos Would Understand

Filipinos have interesting traits, habits and taste that stand out among other cultures from around the world. More than the skin color and language, Filipinos also have a set of quirks and habits that define this unique race. However one looks fair, or dark, small or tall, this infographic identifies practices that easily identify “Pinoys” wherever we are and naturally give them a sense of identity.