Leadership Development: Trends, Statistics, and Best Practices

The growth of one’s self and career includes leadership. Institutions without leaders risk disintegrating because they lack direction. Utilize the trends, data, and best practices in leadership development within this visual guide in order to create more successful leadership strategies and realize your long-term objectives.

Online Resources for Domestic Violence

A shocking 243 million women and girls experience intimate partner violence each year. If you see the signs, get help – make sure that you have access to online resources for domestic violence. Learn more in the infographic below, courtesy of Appriss.

The Dirty Bed Cleaning Guide

If you are a bit of a clean freak then you will love this infographic that will show you how often to clean the various parts of your bed. Learn how often you should clean your sheets, pillows, mattress protector and more and also view some interesting facts.

How to Overcome Poor Sleep With High-Quality Linens

So many of us are not only sleep deprived when it comes to the number of hours per night, but also lack quality sleep in the hours that we do sleep. Minor refinements to your routine such as high-quality linens can make a huge difference – learn more in the infographic below.

Outdoor Exploration For All

Whether we are working remote or back in the office, we could all use a break. Yet over 55% of Americans don’t use all of their available paid time off. It’s time to explore the outdoors and rebalance our lives. More in the infographic below, courtesy of BookOutdoors.

How Many People Check Their Partner’s Phone?

These days, it’s relatively easy to obtain information from your partner’s phone. According to a survey, only 36 percent of people admit to secretly checking their partner’s phone. And three percent of people actually find evidence of their partner being unfaithful. PeopleFinders.com explores this further in the following infographic.

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Wardrobe

Wardrobes are generally durable and long-lasting, which brings about the problem that they can quickly become subpar and outdated. Newer wardrobes have features including multiple storage options, sliding doors, pre-installed mirrors and they can be custom-built. All of these options can create room in your bedroom, optimize wardrobe space and keep your closet looking modern and stylish.

Online Consultations – What Do the Numbers Show?

So many services are now available via virtual conference call that it’s surprising the statistics about them are so scarce. The 3veta team decided to research this phenomenon and to find out to what extent online services via video calls have become a part of people’s lives. The results have shown some very interesting user attitudes.