The Importance of Genetics in Family History

Our genes and DNA are the building blocks of who we are. Our genetics are passed down to us from our family. Having a good understanding of your genetics and family medical history will make sure that you are prepared for anything that might affect you medically down the road. Check out this infographic for more information on the importance of genetics in family history.

How to Wake Up Early (Backed by Science)

It’s easy to sneer at those who breezily claim their early morning routine makes them better equipped to succeed. Yet, it appears there may be certain psychological benefits to getting up early. Though it’s still not entirely clear whether early mornings make people more optimistic or optimism helps people to rise earlier, science backs up the morning larks with some physiological evidence too.

Home Invasions Don’t Be Another Statistic

Not many thoughts are more terrifying than the idea of someone invading your home. On average, 3.7 million homes experience a burglary each year in the United States, and almost a third of these incidents occurred while at least one person was home. By arming yourself with knowledge about what draws a burglar to your property, you can ensure preventative measures are taken to reduce the likelihood of being targeted.

Intervention – A Family Disease

FindRehabCenters, Non-Profit Addiction Rehab Directory, has put together this infographic to shed light on substance abuse interventions. Drug and alcohol addiction hurts an entire family system. For this reason, many families seek professional intervention services to help get their loved one into treatment and overcome addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment

FindRehabCenters provides this infographic to explain what substance abuse treatment entails and its benefits. For people living with drug and alcohol addiction, seeking help may not seem possible. Fortunately, substance abuse treatment and rehab services can help you or someone you love obtain sober recovery. 

Self Defense on Campus

Every year students on college campuses are victims of violent and nonviolent crimes. These crimes span from aggravated assaults, robberies, forcible rapes to murder or non-negligent murder. Although, college campuses are continuing to add to students’ safety by implementing ‘Panic Phones’ and increasing campus police presence there are still a few actions students can take to help ensure their safety.

Prescription Drug Addiction and Rehab

FindRehabCenters designed the following infographic to show the grave impact of prescription drug addiction on our nation. Today, the most commonly abused prescription medications include opioids, sedatives, tranquilizers, and stimulants. Abuse of prescription opioids is known to lead to the use of heroin and other illegal substances, fueling the drug overdose epidemic in the U.S.

The Real Reason Millennials Are Struggling

“Kids these days” is a refrain as old as time, but it fails to take into account the real challenges facing today’s generation. Learn more about the Millennial struggle through crushing student loan debt, wage stagnation, and more from this infographic from Bachelor’s Degree Center.

Heroin Addiction and Rehab

FindRehabCenters has developed the following infographic to inform people who are impacted by heroin addiction. Heroin addiction is linked to countless fatalities due to drug-related overdose. Rehab can help you or someone you love overcome addiction to heroin and achieve long-term recovery.

Crystal Meth Addiction and Rehab

FindRehabCenters has created the following infographic to help educate readers on crystal meth addiction and the benefits of rehab. Alongside the addictive chemical structure of methamphetamine, it is one of the most dangerous drugs available. Crystal meth addiction causes great harm to many lives and rehabilitation services can help.