Geography of Sex

How often do you have sex? The answer to this question depends partly on where the person lives. As it turns out, certain cities tend to be a lot more sexually active than others and surprisingly enough, they aren’t the cities you would expect them to be (i.e. Las Vegas, Miami, and New York). The following infographic, published by Medical, provides the details.

The High Price of Prom

The astronomical price tag may be keeping some high schoolers from participating in one of the most memorable social events of their youth: The Prom. According to a 2012 Visa survey, the average cost of prom is at an all-time high. Parents are expected to shell out big bucks to make this one-night event happen for their child, but most are scrambling to do it.

Are You a Hoarder?

You’ve probably seen the Hoarders, the television show documenting people living in deplorable conditions they created themselves. Extreme cases of 5-year old yogurt and cat carcasses aside, compulsive hoarding — purchasing, acquiring, searching out and saving items of no real value — is a clinically recognized disorder. It’s estimated that 2-5 percent or 5-15 million Americans meet the criteria for being hoarders.

Easter by the Numbers

Easter kicks off spring the right way with kids running around the yard looking for hidden eggs, while adults take pictures and sneak candy out of kids’ Easter baskets. How much Easter candy do Americans eat? The following infographic created by has all the the numbers.

The Problems With Problem Drinking

Nearly 17.6 million Americans are alcoholics or have alcohol problems. The effects of alcohol abuse are wide-reaching, from health and safety to economic productivity – to death from abuse or drunk driving. This infographic covers useful information on alcohol abuse; including alcoholism symptoms, binge drinking, military alcohol abuse, youth drinking and more.

Those Phone Crazy Teens

Everyone knows teens are wild for their phones (75% of 12-17-year-olds have them!), but how are parents coping? The following infographic from Safely looks at mobile phone usage data from their network of users to show the true story of the new mobile craze.

A PhD In Facial Hair

Everything you ever wanted to know about beards, from prehistoric to modern times, can be discovered in this infographic. You will also learn some interesting stats about how beards are viewed in today’s society which will help you to answer the ultimate question: to beard or not to beard?

Dating In A Virtual World

This new infographic from Free Dating explores how dating in a virtual world means creating your optimal identity, where who you are online becomes you, and ‘I love you’ doesn’t always mean forever.

Ladies: Things To Know About Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is crucial in selecting the right outfits. This Infographic covers 4 most common – Rectangle, Hourglass, Pear and Apple body shapes. Featuring great advice and handpicked ladies clothing pieces, you will never be short on inspiration for your next outing, casual or special occasion.