Christmas By the Numbers

How many Christmas cards are sent each year? Which states produce the most Christmas trees? What are some of the most popular Christmas traditions? This Infographic from History Channel looks to answer these questions and more.

Visual History of the Christmas Tree

The history of the Christmas tree has garnered a lot of fascinating points over the years. From the first decorated tree in 1600 to Gubbio, Italy’s 650-meter tall wonder, get a glimpse of Christmas tree history through this handy visual guide.

Teen Pregnancy Facts & Statistics

Teen pregnancy has been an issue of major concern across the world, and it has been so since ages. The impact here is not just on the population but also on the associated health risks through other related issues like abortion, mental trauma, and lack of medical care. This Infographic looks at some of the shocking, alarming and surprising facts and stats on teen pregnancy.

How To Build A Panic Room

Every since I saw the 2002 feature film, Panic Room, I’ve wanted one of my own. Of course, that will have to wait till when (and if) we build a custom home. This Infographic provides some guidelines on building a panic room the right way.

Teens’ Cruel World of Social Networking

Teens today are immersed in the world of social media and as more relationships are built and maintained through social networking sites, kids are encountering a growing number of unkind peers. This Infographic from ZoneAlarm takes a look at this growing problem.

The Dark Side of the Beauty Business

America’s is obsessed with beauty – but at what cost? How about to the tune of $7 billion a year, but that’s nothing compared to the toll the industry takes on women. Society is bombarded with advertisements of thin models with the latest beauty product – convincing women that they’ll be beautiful only if they buy that product or look like that women.