The Ultimate Mother’s Day Guide

In the following infographic, discover facts about Mother’s Day in Australia as well as general information and trivia you probably don’t know about Mother’s Day, including advice on what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, what gifts moms like receiving the most and which ones they hate getting from this ultimate guide on Mother’s Day.

5 Different Ways Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show our dear mothers just how much they mean to us. While the giving of Mothers Day Gifts is commonplace across many countries around the world, there are some unique  ways in which the day is celebrated among different cultures. The following infographic examines 5 different ways that Mother’s Day is celebrated and the origin of the day in each of these countries.

The Power of Storytelling

Each of us has a powerful story to tell, but many don’t believe we have the tools and skills to follow through. Unlock your greatness and learn more about the power of telling your story in the following infographic.

How Alcohol Affects Your Reaction Time

From the moment you have that initial beverage, alcohol starts to have an effect on your mind and body. You might not recognize it initially. In fact, lots of people do not identify how quickly a few drinks can affect they way they think as well as their mobility. Here is an infographic that looks at how alcohol affects your reaction time.

42 Good Things That Happened in 2020

2020 was a tough year for so many, so finding the silver lining is a must to keep a positive outlook. Here is a list from AAA State of Play of 42 fantastic things that happened for the environment, medical research, the animal world, oceans and more, including finding water on the moon.

U.S. Counties With the Best and Worst Quality of Life in Every State

Here is a visual map that shows people are happiest and where people are the saddest for each state across the US.  Following the research you can see many times that the happiest folk tend to be those living within the highest median income locations for that state and those with the worst quality of life tend to live in counties under or close to the poverty level.

Speaking Habits to Help You Sound Confident Even if You Are Not

For many years, researchers have been trying to learn more about the secrets of eloquence. They have contemplated and put forward their theories about the idea of a perfect speaker. Is it someone who can talk for hours? Or is it a person with no particular communication techniques, but a simple gift of the gab? Your ability to speak easily and make meaningful conversation can help you build a career in the desired profession.

Looking Back at the 20 Biggest Trends of 2020

We think it’s fair to say 2020 was a strange year. The world was introduced to the bizarre and intriguing cast of Tiger King. Tye Dye made a major comeback. Video games Fall Guys and Among Us came out of nowhere. And of course the everlasting Coronavirus pandemic continued on. With the year finally in the rear view window, ACE Cash Express’ team looks back fondly at some of the most popular search trends of 2020.