How Much is Too Much Screen Time?

Kids are at home a lot more and most likely on their devices more during this time of social distancing. It’s good to still put limits on screen time and know the difference between high and low-quality media usage. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow in regards to screen time.

Five Trend-Setting Jewelry Styles in 2020

When a new year draws to a close, many trends are shifting. Some of those improvements are the sense of style in jewelry. You may not fully change your look this 2020 but what you can do is to update it. To help you start with that, this infographic looks at the five best jewelry trends in 2020 that you can fit to your wardrobe.

How To Tell if Your Puff Bar is Real or Fake?

With so many counterfeits, how do you know if your Puff Bar is real or fake? Well, besides buying directly from the source at, you need to check the Authentication Code, Color, Font and Juice. Counterfeit and clone production companies do their best to create identical models of the products they copy. Some are able to get close to the mark, but if you know what to look for you can always tell the difference.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding Photo-Shoot in Tagaytay

Just like wedding celebrations, your prenup photo-shoots demand a tedious amount of preparations. If you’re planning on having your prenup pictures taken in Tagaytay, you’re definitely up for a fun and exciting photo shoot! To keep you on the right track, here is an infographic that’ll give you a list of do’s and don’ts in making sure you’re well and ready for your prenup photo-shoot in Tagaytay.

13 Corsage Flower Ideas for Your Prom Night

As the prom season approaches, you are probably looking forward to the special night. In preparing for the event, you might have already made a long list of to-do items – from choosing the best attire that would earn you the “Prom Queen” title, searching for various hair and makeup inspiration online, practicing the dance, and even down to finding the perfect corsage.

The Science of Love: A Happy Relationship Cheat Sheet

To commemorate Valentine’s Day, here is an infographic that breaks down the science of love. Using findings and data from recent scientific studies, they outline the key habits of happy, healthy and loving relationships. If you want more science-based guidance into the habits of happy couples, check out this epic cheat sheet below.

The 100 Most-Spoken Languages in the World

With over 7,000 different languages in the world and more than 7.5 billion people that speak them, which are the most commonly spoken worldwide? This infographic ranks the 100 languages that are the most-spoken in the world, and just how many native and non-native people are able to speak them.

50 Cognitive Biases To Be Aware of To Be a Better Communicator

The human brain is pretty tricky in that while we think we know things, there’s a whole list of cognitive biases that can be gumming up the works. In this infographic, the team at have found 50 types of cognitive bias that come up nearly every day. Along with their definitions, these are real-life examples of cognitive bias, from the subtle group-think sabotaging your management meetings to the pull of anchoring making you spend way too much money at a store during a sale.