Why Do We Love to Bet?

There are plenty of scientific explanations detailing how and why we gamble. Each time we are faced with uncertainty we must make a decision. We measure the odds, think of probable causes, and take the risk. Be it a small risk or a major one, everybody makes different bets throughout their life. The following infographic sheds more light about what drives us to partake in these activities.

4th of July in the Time of Coronavirus

New research has shown that plans to celebrate the Fourth of July this year – as do plans for protecting against Covid-19, differ based on political affiliation. Nuwber.com, the people data analytics company, surveyed more than 1,200 people to determine the key differences. The findings are presented in the following infographic. 

29 Reasons Why Play is So Important During Times of Crisis & Stress

During times of stress, change, and crisis, it is important go back to basics – and that means play and laughter. Play creates a sanctuary for children to work through complicated emotions, express themselves, relax, and turn stress into creativity. This is also true for adults. Play and laughter can help keep our spirits alive as we navigate tumultuous times. This infographic provides 29 reasons why play is so important during times of crisis, such as the COVID19 pandemic.

50+ Fascinating Language Facts You Didn’t Know

How much do you know about foreign languages? Whether you’re a student learning a second language, a polyglot, or a translator, check out the following infographic from Take Lessons. There are dozens of interesting language facts to take your linguistic knowledge to the next level.

Managing Momentum

Everyone knows how they can grow, but not all adversity can be easily tackled. MBA Central has found the importance of managing momentum and how to create goals for your future. How do you envision your future?

What to Do While Staying at Your Home Office in Times of Coronavirus

Being confined at home due to the Coronavirus can be a disturbing and uncomfortable situation. Maybe you’re in quarantine, or you need work from home because of regulations impacting your company. In any case, you have to keep safe and comfortable and use the times in a resourceful and productive way. In this infographic, GO-Gulf looks at what to do while staying at your home office in times of Coronavirus.

How QR Codes Are Used in Your Country

In this time of a pandemic, governments are doing their best, utilizing and exhausting every avenue that will help alleviate the nation’s struggles. While some have concentrated into more advanced measures, others have ventured into the simple technology of QR codes. Every country has its own unique way of innovating its use, from implementing them in everyday lives to specific targeted measures that will combat the spread of the pandemic.

10 Facts About Blast Abrasives

Blast abrasives are an essential part of many industrial and constructions projects around the world. In this infographic, TCR Blast Abrasives highlight ten interesting facts about blast abrasive media and its uses.

The ONE Thing Summary: How to Be More Productive By Focusing On Less

In this summary of the book “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, take a look at what the authors’ call the “surprisingly simple truth behind getting extraordinary results”. This infographic distills the main ideas from the book, including what are the 6 popular everyday lies about productivity, and why blocking time off and time for leisure are just as important as blocking time for your important “one thing”.