What You Need To Know About TOR

Most people are aware of TOR as a gateway into the blocked part of the internet, know as the Deep Web. The following infographic shows what this powerful tool is capable of, its connection to the deep and dark web, the timeline of its development, the advantages and possible risks that come with using it.

Where Do Seniors Live in the United States?

Where do seniors live in the United States? In this in-depth look at the senior citizen population by city, the team at TowncareDental have identified the areas in the U.S. with the highest percentage of people ages 65 and up. With senior-friendly environments, comfortable care, and all-around better service for retirees, these communities are homes for America’s elderly.

Texting & Driving: Parents Do It Too!

Texting while driving is still a problem in 2020. People of all ages continue using their cellphones while driving, including parents. Engaging in this activity can provoke an accident. Careless drivers have always been a problem and it has increased more with the use of the cellphones. This infographic looks at some stats on texting and driving. 

How to Dress and Impress

While it’s true that personality counts when you’re wanting to make the best first impression, knowing how to behave is only half of what it takes to create the wow factor. Dressing right and taking care of your appearance is another vital first step in standing out. So whether you’re looking to wow your work colleagues, friends, family, or significant others, here is a definitive guide to curating and building a sartorial style that you’d be proud of.

The Best & Worst Cities to Retire In

This study takes a deep dive into the “retireability” of American cities, ranking the best and worst places to retire in the US. Looking at key metrics like the percentage of people in the area over the age of 65, financial metrics like the median income on social security, and quality of life metrics like the AARP livability index, this index points out where seniors can have strong and supportive communities.

42 Iconic Wedding Dresses From the Royal and Famous

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a big decision, especially when you’re a celebrity or a member of royalty. These gowns are talked about by people around the world, and many times impact bridal fashion trends for years to come. This infographic by Lulus rounds up 42 of the most iconic wedding dresses worn by celebrities and royalty.

A Guide for Staying Organized in Daily Activities

Staying organized throughout your daily activities is important because it enhances productivity, lowers stress levels, and reduces the number of mistakes. To stay organized, you can use an app or planner to write items down and keep up with important events and deadlines. In this infographic, learn about the benefits of organization and tips for staying organized in your daily life.

A Look at Moving by the Numbers

With people moving multiple times in their lifetimes, the moving industry is always growing and evolving. Almost half of moving company customers are individuals themselves with corporations assisting employees accounting for the next largest group. In this infographic, learn more about the moving industry and how it is utilized within the United States.

Tips on Keeping Your Wedding Ring in Good Condition

We all know that maintaining a good marriage is not a piece of ‘wedding’ cake. The husband and the wife must be willing to work the marriage out if they want to have a good relationship despite the hardships and challenges that they might face in the coming years. Luckily, keeping wedding rings in good condition is not that hard. All you need to do is follow these tips and you are all set!

31 Fictional Characters with Substance Abuse Problems

The reality of substance abuse is brought to life every day with many movies and television shows portraying characters who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. In the following infographic, the team at Withdrawal.net looks at 31 of the most prominent fictional characters who are remembered for their addictions that resulted in some major consequences.