A Guide to Generative AI and Marketing

Just because generative AI has been grabbing all of the headlines doesn’t mean that you understand all of the useful tools at your fingertips. Learn more about how generative AI and marketing are changing the game in the infographic below, courtesy of Nova.

Why Your Google Reviews Are Not Showing Up

Google Reviews not showing up can be a major issue for businesses. It can be frustrating for customers who have taken the time to leave a review, as well as for businesses that rely on positive reviews for their online reputation. Moreover, a lack of reviews can also hurt a business’s search engine rankings, as Google uses reviews as a ranking factor.

Why Google Reviews Matter for Your Business

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. In this infographic, discover the 5 key reasons why Google Reviews matter for your business and how they can help you increase online visibility, improve trust and credibility, engage with customers, get valuable feedback, increase conversion rates, gain a competitive advantage, and get free advertising.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing

If you aren’t already focusing on color psychology for your brand, you’re missing out on an extremely effective impact on the brains of those you’re trying to get the attention of. Find out more the about the psychology of color in marketing in the following infographic.

Facebook vs Instagram Ad Costs

Meta offers multiple advertising options to entrepreneurs and brands. This includes multiple targeting options, placements, and the ability to advertise on their various channels including Facebook and Instagram. Even though your campaign may be delivering content on both channels, you’ll experience different costs from the two social audiences.

5 Tips for Building Relationships With Your Website Visitors

If only you could make an impression on your website visitors that stops their online search and pushes them to call your intake team. Here’s some excellent news: you can. Your website content has the power to grab people’s attention and form lasting client relationships. Check out these five tips that will produce content that brings in so many solid leads from your website that you’ll need more staff to keep up.

Color Psychology and How It Can Impact Your Brand

Here is an infographic that is packed with information about color psychology to assist you in choosing the right colors for your brand. It starts off with some statistics and then goes on to show which colors are used the most in logos and what the different colors represent as well as the industries that use them the most.

Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Know for 2022

Since 2017, Venngage has conducted an annual surveys of hundred of marketers, publishing the original survey results by visualizing the data in infographic form. This infographic showcases how marketers around the world used visual content in 2021 and what their predictions are for 2022 and beyond.