Are You Falling for These Local Citation Myths?

A citation is any mention of any business offline and online. While we all love when a citation includes the address, phone number and website link alongside the business name, this isn’t always the case. Inaccurate local citations damage both consumer trust and the trust search engines have in a business. This bad data is causing consumers to get lost, call bad numbers and ultimately choose the competition.

Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

In this infographic, Digital Marketing Training Group breaks down digital marketing trends of 2019 into major key areas. You will learn what digital marketing is, common channels it is utilized through, the benefits of digital marketing, and other helpful digital marketing tips.

Branding Through Time

Branding is an industry which changes and grows at break-neck speed. This infographic, courtesy of The Rolling Bean, explores the history of branding, from marks of ownership of clothing and cattle in ancient Mesopotamia, all the way to viral marketing using Twitter.

How to Implement a Winning D2C Marketing Strategy

Direct to consumer marketing, though it seems like a more recent business strategy, actually has ties to 15th century Venice. Remember mail order catalogs? Also known as D2C or DTC marketing, this strategy cuts out the middleman between suppliers and customers. Instead of selling their goods to a retailer to be resold to consumers, D2C brands will manufacture, promote, sell, and ship their own products directly to customers.

10 Steps to Creating Epic Blog Posts

Today, you must write epic content if don’t want your website left out in Google’s purgatory. You probably think that you need to be the next coming of Stephen King in order to create epic content, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. All you have to do is follow the 10 step process explained in this infographic to become an epic content generating machine.

A Guide for Customization Options

Customization options for things like vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, helmets, and guns have become increasingly poplar. Customization has many benefits including brand awareness and personal preferences. When choosing customization options, it is important to consider a variety of factors. Check out this infographic for more information.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing has become so popular that many entrepreneurs have started to believe that outbound marketing is dead and have abandoned the process altogether. While inbound marketing has its strengths, there is still a place for outbound marketing. Find out if outbound marketing is the right fit for your business in this infographic.

10 eCommerce Homepage Design Elements In Every Successful Online Store

A well designed eCommerce website requires several significant elements. In this fast changing and competitive business environment, what works today may not be so effective tomorrow. Thus, it becomes evident to keep your eCommerce Homepage updated with latest key elements your visitors are looking for. This infographic lists 10 design elements to improve sales and conversions.