The 5 Most Used Call-to-Action Designs on the Internet

Designing a website is one thing, but designing a website to drive conversion is a completely different challenge. Designing a landing page and Call-to-Action (CTA) for a website is one of the most difficult tasks for marketers to figure out because each element included in such a crucial page can affect whether a visitor will stay or leave.

How To Gain A Massive Following On Instagram

Did you know that social media giant Instagram has over 800 million users? That means a lot of images and videos! But more interestingly out of this 800 million, 80% of accounts follow a brand or business making Instagram a great and underrated marketing opportunity. If you have been looking at ways to increase your visibility on Instagram, here is an infographic that explains how to do so.

How To Create High Converting eCommerce Product Pages

An e-commerce business dreams of nothing more than rocketing sales, but it isn’t as simple as investing capital and building a website. A lot has to be put in to make sure your e-commerce business is reaching its target audience every single day. One of the most significant factors is optimization: it is best if all the pages on your e-commerce website are optimized, however, the product pages play the most major role when it comes to conversions.

Which Social Platform Your Business Should Choose

With so many social media platforms around today, choosing the right one might not be easy especially, if you are unaware of the pros and cons of each. Moreover, you should also consider which social media platforms your target audience use. Here is an infographic that shows you why you should choose one social media platform over others.

Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website

Having a functional website allows you to provide direct information to the user. Customers can get a great feel for your company and team, as well as read reviews. If you want to improve your website performance in search engines, you need to have an update-to-date web design. If your website isn’t converting new customers, there could be a design flaw that is turning people away.

Fascinating & Incredible Instagram Stats, Facts and Figures for 2018

With over 1 billion monthly active users and counting, it’s easy for businesses, big or small to tell the huge potential of Instagram. Including this fast-growing social media network in your social media marketing strategy will not only help you achieve higher level of brand awareness, but also can generate direct new leads and customers. Check out the following infographic to learn why Instagram deserves a place in your marketing strategy.