10 Pinterest Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2018

Is Pinterest part of your social media marketing strategy? Did you know that they have more than 200 million monthly active users and as one of the key content discovery channels, visuals featuring fashion and food ideas especially thrive on the platform. The following infographic from Digitalinformationworld.com shows you what you need to know about this visual social network.

The Influence of Instagram

Do you want to take advantage of one of this decade’s fastest growing social media platform? You’re not alone as 71% of marketers are looking to level up their Instagram marketing. And they’re spending crazy money on advertising and influencer marketing to do it. The following infographic looks at the influence of Instagram and what is costs to reach its massive audience.

Lead Enrichment – Quality vs Quantity

Striking a balance between quality and quantity is tricky especially in small organizations that have limited marketing budgets. Get acquainted with the key pointers on quality versus quantity in the lead enrichment process to crack better deals and win more ROI, in this infographic by DataCaptive.

A-Z of SEO in 2018

Here is a comprehensive infographic from Digital Meal on SEO that’s relevant up to 2018 (and beyond). Some of the mentioned items aren’t necessarily new in 2018, but are still either part of Google’s core algorithms. There are also some items that are hotly debated in relation to their importance for SEO.

The Influencer Marketing Revolution

Influencer marketing can impact on your business significantly. The following infographic looks at the differences between macro and micro-influencers, and the benefits of influencer marketing – along with a general outline of what you can expect to pay to work with the various types of influencers.

The Domination of Mobile Ads: Statistics and Trends

With 77% of the US population reliant on mobile gadgets like smartphones, it’s a mistake not to take advantage of this technology for your advertising needs. Perhaps one of the most conventional uses of smartphones is accessing social media accounts. In fact, 60% of social media activities are done on mobile devices. Learn more about the numbers behind mobile advertising, as well as the trends to watch out for within this infographic.

Designers Are From Venus And Developers Are From Mars

Designers and developers are poles apart when it comes to thinking alike and making decisions. It is next to impossible to get them to agree on something. If one wants creativity to rule, the other wants reason to take over. It is a challenge to look for a common ground between the two but here is Arpatech’s humble attempt.

20 Ideal Places To Share Your Content

Content methodology involves processes such as research, identification, content creation, proofread, approval & publishing, etc. However, are you promoting your content on right social media channels? If not, think outside the box. Check out this infographic from Jointviews to know the best places to share your content.