Quality Data is a Goldmine for B2B Lead Generation

Data holds the key to sustainable growth of any B2B company. In marketing world, innovation and evolution stem directly from the data your business possess. Leverage its value to truly understand your market and act accordingly.  Check out this infographic to know how quality data is a goldmine for B2B lead generation.

Overview of Email Appending

If you are planning to grow and expand your business with email marketing but your existing database is missing out of email contacts, then email appending services is your ideal option. With this infographic, eSalesData gives a detailed account on why email appending...

15 B2B Marketing Strategies You Won’t Want to Ignore

A lot of B2B companies have found themselves with frustratingly bad websites and outdated marketing practices. The world has changed around them, largely driven by the consumer experience and they haven’t yet caught up. This infographic features 15 B2B marketing strategies that should be on your radar.

All Links Are Not Created Equal: How Google Values Links

Anyone worth their salt working in the field of SEO knows that “links matter.” But not all links are created equal. Over time, Google has innovated the way they view and measure links including looking at anchor text, topic-modeling, content analysis, trust signals, user engagement, and more. In the following infographic, MOZ  looks at 20 principles of link valuation that have been observed and tested by SEOs.

Why Should You Invest in Digital Marketing in Canada?

Did you know that digital ad formats are predicted to reach CA$8.80 billion in 2019? Mobile ad spending will also increase by 33.7% this year. Some more interesting facts regarding Canadian digital ad spends are mentioned in the following infographic, courtesy of Web Pro Marketing.

Are You Falling for These Local Citation Myths?

A citation is any mention of any business offline and online. While we all love when a citation includes the address, phone number and website link alongside the business name, this isn’t always the case. Inaccurate local citations damage both consumer trust and the trust search engines have in a business. This bad data is causing consumers to get lost, call bad numbers and ultimately choose the competition.

Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

In this infographic, Digital Marketing Training Group breaks down digital marketing trends of 2019 into major key areas. You will learn what digital marketing is, common channels it is utilized through, the benefits of digital marketing, and other helpful digital marketing tips.

Branding Through Time

Branding is an industry which changes and grows at break-neck speed. This infographic, courtesy of The Rolling Bean, explores the history of branding, from marks of ownership of clothing and cattle in ancient Mesopotamia, all the way to viral marketing using Twitter.