The Anatomy of a Local Landing Page

It can be challenging to wrap your head around trying to rank at scale for a multi-location SEO strategy. Check out the following infographic and guide, courtesy of Wiideman on how to get there, along with a template in designing local landing pages.

Effervescent AI Trends in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best trends in current marketing scenarios. AI helps in pushing the limits of marketing on the innovative path. By analyzing the customers’ behavior, preferences, etc. AI helps develop and segregate the emails as per the countries time zone. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Qualifying Leads

What if you’re dealing with thousands of leads in your contact list? It can be difficult to tell which among those names is worth investing your time and effort on. This is why you need to qualify sales leads based on the criteria set by your company or on common benchmarks within your industry. In this infographic, learn everything you need to know to make your lead qualification efforts efficient and profitable for your company.

6 Best Ways to Do Responsible Marketing Amidst the Pandemic

The business world is facing immense losses due to the pandemic. As customers’ morale run low, the majority of the brands, couldn’t sell their product or service to existing customers as well. But this isn’t the end of the world as there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Organizations just need to find the right tactics that would connect with customers. This infographic looks at executing responsible marketing to connect with high-end prospects and converting them into customers.

9 Marketing Tips for Construction Companies

If you’re in the construction industry, marketing could be the furthest thing on your mind. That is unless you are having a really tough time getting customers. Still, marketing is just beyond the scope of a construction expert. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or that it’s unnecessary. Here is a quick visual that features 9 marketing tips for construction companies.

Email Marketing Tactics to Shoot Conversions

In the present scenario, traditional email marketing won’t deliver the same results as it used to. Marketers need to infuse this channel with intelligence, which means it needs to be genetically engineered with the best tactics and trends. Thus, it would increase the open rate, click-through rate and finally, the conversion rate. In this infographic, InfoClutch discusses innovative practices that improve the email deliverability in a short span.

Social Media Hashtags Infographic For 2021

It takes a fine-tuned hashtag marketing strategy to exponentially grow your post reach and engagement. Using any hashtags without proper planning can lead to losing credibility, social proof, and down the line your hard-earned followers. Here is an infographic which provides a quick rundown on what hashtags to use and how to incorporate them successfully.

How to Check Telemarketing Performance Metrics

Telemarketing is a useful marketing option. Almost 60% of marketing managers in Fortune 500 companies stated that telemarketing is very effective. Besides that, 70% of the B2B sales come with interaction, in which 56% started from telemarketing. With the right research and observation, brands have listed out metrics that could help measure the performance of your telemarketers. This infographic has complete details.

Audio Marketing: From Radio to Clubhouse

Listening is far from “old” school. With fresh digital mediums and buzzy social apps like Clubhouse on the forefront of the audio scene, the audio marketplace is just blasting off. For more audio marketing stats and know-how, check out the full report from Transcription Outsourcing.