Confined Space Rescue Plan

Workers may need to go into all types of confined spaces, including storage tanks, utility tunnels, basements, crawl spaces, and manholes. Each space presents unique challenges that must be dealt with prior to entry. Companies and construction crews can use the following visual guide to create an effective rescue plan for confined spaces.

Multi-Pole Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors

ILME Multi-pole Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors are a versatile solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. This infographic highlights the features and benefits of the rectangular connectors, including their durability, versatility, and ease of use. Learn how these connectors can optimize your industrial processes and streamline your operations.

Top Tips for Choosing Between Progressive and Bifocal Lenses

Bifocals were reportedly created by Benjamin Franklin in 1779. The invention emerged when Franklin recognized the need for glasses that addressed multiple vision concerns. Bifocals soon became a standard form of eyewear, but if you’re looking for prescription safety glasses, there are other options to consider, too.

How Do Laser Protection Goggles Work?

When you work with high-powered laser lights, you need to protect your eyes. Laser safety glasses are used in a wide variety of fields, including in the military, research, and the medical field. Learn more about how Laser Protection Goggles Work in this infographic.

The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Military Pins & Ribbons and What They Mean

The military pins and ribbons worn on a service member’s uniform are a testament to the journey that particular member of the armed forces has gone through. But what do the pins on a military uniform mean? The WizardPins team dug deep into the meaning behind every type of pin that can be found on a military uniform with this illustrated guide.

21 Public Speaking Facts and Statistics Worth Knowing

There are some interesting facts and statistics about public speaking which might take you by surprise. While some facts are pure fan, others are a revelation. The team at WritoLogy has prepared the following infographic that features 21 public speaking facts and statistics worth knowing.

Eye Protection: Protective Eyewear Guide

Protecting yourself while on the job is incredibly important. While there are many ways to go about the process of shielding yourself from harm, you will find that investing in the right gear is your best bet. Here is a protective eyewear guide from

Why Use Safety Glasses With Progressive Lenses?

It is common for people to need corrective lenses for both farsighted and nearsighted issues. However, if your workplace requires that you use safety glasses or goggles, you cannot wear your everyday eyeglasses, as they do not provide sufficient protection. Progressive safety glasses offer an ideal solution for clear vision and essential eye protection.

The State of In-Person Events

After a successful — albeit begrudging — era in which virtual events reigned supreme, event professionals are increasingly planning and executing in-person events once again. In June and July 2022, Bizzabo surveyed event organizers to learn what they think about the state of in-person events as we approach 2023.