Students More Likely to Choose a Modern Way of Solving Writing Struggles

It’s no secret:  The students of today have one of the most massive workloads in history. Between jobs, which more and more students have, and school, there simply is no time to relax or catch your breath. However, there is the Internet. With this immensely valuable tool, many students are turning to alternative means of completing their assignments.

6 Principals of a Jigsaw Blade

Your money and time will be wasted if you don’t pick the perfect jigsaw blade for your cutting task. This infographic from the team at Saw Features will help you to know six principals of a jigsaw blade.

Pros and Cons of Vaping

People who want to start vaping should understand all the consequences. It can really be helpful for those who want to quit smoking regular cigarettes, but harmful to people who don’t smoke at all and want to try simply because it’s trendy. All facts should be taken into consideration before making a decision as vaping still contains nicotine and can cause allergies and other problems.

The Tallest Buildings and Structures in the World Throughout History

The race for the sky has been an ongoing battle for thousands of years, from the impressive pyramids of Egypt, to the impeccably detailed cathedrals of Europe, to even the massive skyscrapers of today. This infographic tells the story of technological advances through time, with the goal of becoming the tallest structure in the world.

4 Plants to Avoid on Your Next Hike and Camping Trip

Some plants may look harmless, but coming into contact with them could bring your hike to an early conclusion. Be sure to watch out Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, and Stinging Nettle. Each of these have physical characteristics that are easy to spot, as long as you know what you are looking for. In infographic, you will learn how to identify each of these dangerous plants by their height, color, leaves and geographic location.

10 Most Fascinating Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

Every conspiracy theorist loves when so-called conspiracies turn out to be true after being proven with concrete evidence. Sometimes this takes years, or even decades. Still, it brings hope to the community that other popular theories may be true as well. From secret government tests to alien cover-ups and everything else going on with cyber spying and social media, there are plenty of conspiracies that exist and grow popular today.

How to Properly Roll a Cigar

Many people think that it’s too difficult to roll their own cigars so they simply purchase cigars that are ready to go. While that is convenient, has created an infographic that will show you how to roll your own cigars by following some simple tricks. Learn about the process as well as the composition of the cigar itself. Also learn about various types of tobacco that can be used, the tools you will need, as well as some important facts to know. 

Counseling – The Complete Guide 2019

In this expert-written complete guide to counseling, you’ll learn everything you need to know about finding the right counselor (qualifications, skills, methods, etc.), the different types of counseling, questions a counselor may ask, what it takes to become a counselor yourself, and a lot more.

9 Surprising Literal Names of U.S. Cities

Across the world, there are tons of oddly-named cities. Sometimes the names are straightforward and named after people, such as Rome – which is derived from Romulus, one of the city founders and the first king. Other names are just odd, such as Lemu, Finland means “bad smell. This infographic takes a look specifically at U.S. cities.

The 10 Most Populous U.S. Cities Every Decade Since 1790

The United States first began taking a nationwide census in 1790 and has continued to do so every 10 years since, for 220 years worth of population data. This infographic explores the top ten cities that ranked for most populous during each census. The numbers tell a story of a shift in the population as more Americans started moving west in search of land and new opportunities.