Psychics, Paranormal Beliefs, And Beyond

Could there be more to the world than what we can see and test? The following infographic reveals some of the interesting things that people believe in. This includes the number of people that believe in psychics (54%), the number of Iclelanders that believe in invisible elves (54%) and how the CIA invested in programs to harness psychic energy.

Smoking vs. Vaping: What You Need to Know

The popularity of vaping has grown tremendously, and many smokers are switching to vaping over cigarettes. While vaping and smoking are similar, they also have many differences. Fewer chemicals are inhaled when vaping, and while cigarettes always contains nicotine, you can vape without nicotine. If you are considering smoking or vaping, check out this “Smoking vs. Vaping” infographic.

The Most Prolific Serial Killer in Every US State

This infographic by the folks at examines the worst serial killers in every U.S. state, in terms of the sheer number of victims by a single serial killer in that state. It also includes some stats about each serial killer, including their M.O., whether they were caught, are currently in prison, were executed, are on death row, or have died in prison.

Vaping Mythbusters

There’s a lot of controversy and confusion over the safety of e-cigarettes. Here, Vape Superstore clears up some of the top myths we hear regularly. From popcorn lung, chemicals in liquid and exploding vapes – what’s the real deal with vaping?

The Psychology of Casino Games

The combination of risk, anticipation and adrenaline rush makes gambling so exhilarating, but what is it in the brain that compels us to bet? And how do game designers use psychology to deliver an engaging and thrilling experience to players? This infographic explains all, and how to ensure play remains fun.

10 Ways To Start A Fire Without a Lighter or Matches

In an emergency situation, most people find themselves with a minimal number of supplies and need to survive using whatever is handy. This guide walks readers through 10 different ways to start a fire for survival, without having the luxury of a lighter or matches. It’s a perfect guide for preppers, survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

Why Replacing Glass With Plastic is the Way Forward

Since 30 BCE, we’ve used glass as the main material for windows and glazing, but increasingly people are switching to plastics – not just for windows, but for a host of other uses. In this infographic, Simply Plastics show that plastics can be as effective, if not superior, to glass for a variety of different applications.

Virtual Reality Casino Online

Many avid bettors usually find themselves reluctant to make the transition from land based casinos to online casinos due to the fact that casinos found in the online realm generally do not replicate much of the glamour and atmosphere typically found at brick and mortar casinos. Yet, innovations of today are helping to make the online casino experience closer to the brick and mortar casino experience.