How to Properly Roll a Cigar

Many people think that it’s too difficult to roll their own cigars so they simply purchase cigars that are ready to go. While that is convenient, has created an infographic that will show you how to roll your own cigars by following some simple tricks. Learn about the process as well as the composition of the cigar itself. Also learn about various types of tobacco that can be used, the tools you will need, as well as some important facts to know.

Counseling – The Complete Guide 2019

In this expert-written complete guide to counseling, you’ll learn everything you need to know about finding the right counselor (qualifications, skills, methods, etc.), the different types of counseling, questions a counselor may ask, what it takes to become a counselor yourself, and a lot more.

9 Surprising Literal Names of U.S. Cities

Across the world, there are tons of oddly-named cities. Sometimes the names are straightforward and named after people, such as Rome – which is derived from Romulus, one of the city founders and the first king. Other names are just odd, such as Lemu, Finland means “bad smell. This infographic takes a look specifically at U.S. cities.

The 10 Most Populous U.S. Cities Every Decade Since 1790

The United States first began taking a nationwide census in 1790 and has continued to do so every 10 years since, for 220 years worth of population data. This infographic explores the top ten cities that ranked for most populous during each census. The numbers tell a story of a shift in the population as more Americans started moving west in search of land and new opportunities.

60 Unique Ways to Lace Your Shoes

When jogging or running, there are multiple variables that determine the fit and comfort of the shoes you are wearing. Regardless of whether your shoes feel incredible amid your first attempt, there could be times that the upper development will annoy on your foot. Each pair of feet is novel, which is the reason utilizing the correct lacing technique is matter in your running execution.

UK’s Most Majestic University Buildings

Universities throughout the UK have some of the most impressive and awe inspiring buildings in the world with some structures dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. From Neo Gothic architecture to some of the best examples of Tudor and medieval craftsmanship that can be found around the world, here is an infographic that looks at the UK’s most majestic university buildings.

The 100 Tallest Buildings in New York City

This infographic ranks 100 of New York City’s most iconic and largest skyscrapers from tallest to shortest. From One World Trade Center, to the Empire State Building, each building is color-coded according to the decade in which they were built. There is also a map at the bottom that shows where the majority of the buildings are located in the city.

Jewelry Polishing DIY Hacks

This infographic courtesy of Inovatec Machinery describes the 4 most common ways of jewelry polishing goldsmith methods to make silver and gold jewelry shine. These methods are easy to do and the materials are widely available. Jewelry polishing is not only a hobby but also a great skill that everyone or enthusiastic can learn.