Everything You Wanted to Know About Lab Grown Diamonds

This infographic, courtesy of Stefano Navi, explains all the common questions asked when people learn about lab-grown (or lab-created) diamonds. It compares lab-grown diamond jewelry to jewelry made with other materials. It also looks at the benefits of buying a lab-grown diamond, and why they are more environmentally friendly.

What Is a Tenant Improvement Allowance and What Does It Cover?

When you’re looking to lease a new office space or a commercial building, renovations will likely be in order. Being prepared and having a good understanding of the work involved along with your goals will make a big difference in your project and experience. In the following infographic, learn what tenant improvement allowance is and what it covers.

Iconic Corten Steel Architecture

Here is an interesting infographic design by Floraselect which takes a look at some of the most important corten steel or weathering steel architecture from around the world. View facts about iconic weathering steel architecture such as the Abetxuko Bridge, the Angel of the North, the Fulcrum Sculpture and the Leeds Broadcasting Tower.

Christmas in New Zealand

When we think of Christmas, most of us think of snow-covered streets, eggnog, mistletoes, wreaths and a turkey dinner. While decades of hallmark holiday films have engrained this image of Christmas as the “traditional” Christmas, it is important to remember that Christmas traditions vary greatly around the world. This infographic highlights a few New Zealand Christmas traditions.

Guide To Buying Prescription Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes and enjoy comfortable views with the latest prescription safety eyewear. If you need to pick up a pair of safety glasses for work, or you’re planning to take on a project that involves flying debris, find out how to buy the best pair of safety glasses to fit your needs. Here is a visual guide to buying prescription safety glasses.

Various Paper Bag Types & Sizes

As plastic packaging slowly starts to phase out of the global market, either due to government regulations at the local or international level or just public disinterest, more and more businesses are rediscovering the benefits of using paper bags, from your local coffee shop to international retail brands. This infographic provides basic knowledge of paper bags, including common types of paper bags, sizes, and functions.

Thermal Paper: Everything You Should Know About It

Thermal paper is a special type of paper produced with a special coating that helps with inkless printing. This is a type of special paper that changes color when exposed to heat without the use of traditional ink. By applying heat to the coating, a clear image can be created on the paper without the need for ribbon ink. This infographic from Panda Paper Roll will introduce everything about thermal paper.

The Sailor’s Guide to Knot Tying

Here is a visualization from Seattle Yachts that details various types of sailing knots and how to tie them. Knot tying is an important skill that can help secure food, shelter and more. This visual guide takes you step by step through 16 of the most common nautical knots you will see.

DIY Boat Maintenance Guide for Beginners

A boat is one of those vessels that needs timely maintenance to in great operating shape. However, boat maintenance is different from car or RV maintenance. Following the right steps to maintain your boat will add to the longevity of your watercraft.

A Complete Guide to Eyeglasses Care and Repair

Knowing how to fix glasses is an important skill to have if you wear them regularly. Though not all repairs are easy to do or can be done at home, there are a few tips, techniques, and quick-fixes you can do, at least until you can get them to a professional. The following infographic is a complete guide to eyeglasses care and repair.