Why Replacing Glass With Plastic is the Way Forward

Since 30 BCE, we’ve used glass as the main material for windows and glazing, but increasingly people are switching to plastics – not just for windows, but for a host of other uses. In this infographic, Simply Plastics show that plastics can be as effective, if not superior, to glass for a variety of different applications.

Virtual Reality Casino Online

Many avid bettors usually find themselves reluctant to make the transition from land based casinos to online casinos due to the fact that casinos found in the online realm generally do not replicate much of the glamour and atmosphere typically found at brick and mortar casinos. Yet, innovations of today are helping to make the online casino experience closer to the brick and mortar casino experience.

Why Players Trust Bitcasino

Players all over the world trust Bitcasino.io as a fully regulated and licensed online casino. For Bitcasino.io, the safety of the player’s data is paramount, so it uses the latest technologies to make sure that both the clients’ information and their money is well protected. Read the following infographic to learn more about why players trust this Bitcoin Casino.

Surprising UK Burglary Statistics

If you are interested in learning about burglaries in the United Kingdom then you should definitely check out this informative infographic from the guys at Absolute Locks. Learn about the amount of burglaries that are committed by at least 2 offenders, the amount of burglaries that are committed by men and lots more.

Reasons Why We Should Go Paperless and How To

Going paperless is a trendy topic nowadays. The term “Paperless Office” was first introduced in 1975 in a Business Week article. Some research showed that huge savings can be made through going paperless. People do not need to be drowning in paper and worried about losing files anymore.

20 Shocking Sexual Misconduct Scandals

In October 2017, Hollywood was shaken when multiple women accused the powerful film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct — including allegations of rape. The allegations against Mr. Weinstein and the film industry’s response triggered what some now call the “Weinstein effect.” Women, who felt empowered by the country’s changing attitudes towards sexual misconduct, formed the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

Public Safety: Threats, Solutions & Opinions

In the 21st century, we’re seeing an increased focus on public safety in terms of security. We have artificial intelligence (robot security guards), drones protecting us from above, and even home security apps on our smartphones. However, public safety still lies mostly in the hands of security guards because they are trained to act proactively in the face of danger.