A Visual Guide to Cannabis Measurements

This weed measurements guide, courtesy of Marijuana Doctors, is perfect for first-time cannabis buyers. It highlights everything you need to know when making your first purchase including measurement terms and size comparisons, flower vs. extracts, how to understand product equivalencies and the average price of marijuana across legal states.

DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw Stats, Uses & Benefits

This infographic covers everything you need to know about the DEWALT DWS779 12” sliding compound miter saw. The DWS779 is the ideal option for anyone looking for portability without compromising on the power and cutting capacity needed to handle even the toughest tasks. It is in fact one of the most simple yet effective and well-made compound miter saws on the market, making it ideal for anyone from beginner hobbyists to professional tradespeople as a result.

Things You Didn’t Know About Crime Scene Cleanups

Crime scene cleanup is an often misunderstood industry. Plenty of people are not aware of its existence, often associating the clean up of crime scenes with police, coroner, EMT or medical examiner. Private companies that specialize in crime scene cleanup are used and contracted to clean blood and bodily fluids. In this infographic, Bio Recovery provides some facts pertaining to the crime scene cleanup industry.

What to Know Before Flying a Drone

Flying drones have become popular across the country. Drones can be used for practical reasons such as photography, videograghy, surveillance, etc. or for a recreational hobby. Whether you are using your drone for personal or business reasons, there are some things that you should know before flying. Check out this infographic for information on tips for flying, prohibitions, drone registration, and common drone terminology.

A Simple Guide to Shooting Video by Yourself

Whether you’re shooting for your brand-new YouTube channel, a school or university project, or an instructional video for your latest app, people generally dive in without realizing how under-prepared they are and inevitably come up against the same list of problems. However, with just a bit of extra knowledge and some preparation, one can sidestep all of these growing pains and get straight to creating and publishing the content they desire.

Active Shooters Across America: 10 Years of Attacks

Active Shooter is a term we hear far too often lately, especially in the United States where mass shootings are happening on a regular basis. Experts are scrambling to figure out the cause behind these rising numbers, and how to prevent future devastation. Even states with strict gun laws in place are seeing a rise in this form of violence. This infographic takes a look at the numbers of active shooter situations that have taken place in the United States over the past 10 years.

Top 15 Facts About Emirates Mars Mission

The Hope Mars Mission or Emirates Mars Mission is a space exploration mission of sending a probe to Mars to explore and study the planet’s atmosphere. In the following infographic by LetsTango.com, take a look at 15 interesting facts about the mission to learn more about it and better understand why it is so important.

31 Mythical Creatures Used to Scare Children From Around the World

This infographic delves into dark corners around the world and dredges up 31 boogeyman myths that parents have used to scare children into behaving for centuries. These creatures have been employed by parents, teachers, and guardians to scare children into obedience, dissauding them from wandering into dark woods, staying out too late after school, throwing a fit around bedtime, or just having a rotten attitude.