How To Tell if Your Puff Bar is Real or Fake?

With so many counterfeits, how do you know if your Puff Bar is real or fake? Well, besides buying directly from the source at, you need to check the Authentication Code, Color, Font and Juice. Counterfeit and clone production companies do their best to create identical models of the products they copy. Some are able to get close to the mark, but if you know what to look for you can always tell the difference.

Rotary Air Compressor Parts and How They Work

The air compression process in a rotary air compressor is intriguing, especially since it uses a rotary-type positive displacement to function compared to the other kinds. But similar to all other air compressors, it requires proper maintenance and quality parts in order to continuously achieve its tasks at hand. The following infographic can serve as a guide for you to understand the components of a rotary air compressor and how they function. 

The Science of CBD & Hemp

Hemp and Marijuana are two varieties of the same plant – Cannabis. Discover everything you need to know about CBD and hemp with this illustrated beginner’s guide, courtesy of Jupiter CBD.

3 Easy Steps To Choose CBD Oil

CBD products are gaining popularity among consumers. Many people have been able to improve their quality of life thanks to various CBD offerings. Often, they will recommend these products to their relatives and friends. CBD manufacturers are responsive to the growing demand and are ready to offer a wide selection of CBD products in a variety of different forms. This is great, but when the buyer is trying to find the right CBD for what ails him, he needs guidance on what to look for.

20 Materials We Realized Far Too Late Were Hazardous

From asbestos to tobacco to radium, hazardous products, materials, and chemicals are woven into history, endangering lives and the environment. These materials became available due to huge oversights in research, unpredictable outcomes, and often just gross negligence for the sake of profit. This infographic explores 20 materials that we realized far too late were so volatile and detrimental for health and nature.

How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Mother nature has several forms, and sometimes it shows it’s brutal side. The United States is no stranger to deadly natural disasters. The USA has faced many severe natural disasters, from churning hurricanes of the gulf coast to the trailer-tossing storms of tornado alley, to the ground-pounding quakes of California. For detailed information on how to prepare for a natural disaster, check out the following infographic.

50 Disney Characters: Timeless Wisdom from 1937-2019

Disney has dazzled audiences with sweeping stories, wondrous worlds, and captivating characters for years now. Along the way, we have learned about love, bravery, individuality, friendship, confidence, adventure, and so much more — so it’s no wonder that Disney is renowned for providing quotable gems of wisdom and inspiration. In this infographic, look at 50 Disney characters and their timeless wisdom from 1937-2019.

Tech For Growing Cannabis

New growing solutions enable cannabis businesses to grow the highest quality product in the most technologically-advanced way possible. By 2025, legal marijuana sales in the US alone are expected to reach $23 billion USD. Explained by GuideToCBD, small and large-scale farmers are using hydroponics and robotics, among a plethora of other technology, to enhance the quality of their hemp.

7 Types of Plastics: Their Toxicity & What They’re Most Commonly Used For

Plastic is used to create many of the products we use every single day, from the containers our food and medicine is packaged in to eyeglasses, toys, car parts, and household materials. But with plastic toxicity becoming a rising concern, how safe are the plastic products we’re constantly using? Here is a chart explores the many products that are commonly made from the seven different types of plastics and the properties that differentiate them.

18 Steps To Survive An EMP Attack

An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, occurs as a result of a nuclear explosion. It is an eruption of electromagnetic radiation. Should this type of attack occur, it could cause rapid variances in magnetic and electric fields that could result in damaging voltage and current surges. Our vulnerability to an EMP attack is something most people are not aware of. This in-depth guide will show you the 18 steps you will need to take in order to survive an EMP attack.