10 Year Anniversary of Crypto Gambling

Due to the rapid changes in the financial sector, cryptocurrencies have became the dominant field in the industry. One of the main reasons why it has become so popular and widespread is due to its limitless potential and ability to spread over new territories. For the majority of the general public, the growth of Crypto Gambling is not easily understandable. This is why BitcoinCasinosReviews created the following infographic.

The Lethal Doses of 55 Substances

Here is a visual guide, created by CEUFast.com, showing the median lethal dose or LD50 of 32 different substances. Some are common everyday items like water, salt, milk or gasoline while others are illegal items like cocaine, methamphetamine, or LSD.

Who is Nelson Nigel?

Just who is Nelson Nigel? He’s from Corona, Queens NYC but born in Guyana. He is a successful entrepreneur today but in the past, was hit by an NYC express subway train and lived to tell the story. Learn more about who Nelson Nigel is in this infographic.

8 Vaping Facts You Likely Didn’t Know

How popular is vaping? Over the past eight years, vaping user ship has grown from about 7 million users back in 2014 to more than 40 million users during the present day. These millions of people have helped this industry earmark more than $12 billion in sales as of 2019, with think tanks projecting that it will eclipse more than $15 billion by 2022.

Most and Least Bike Friendly Cities in America

Here is a list that takes a look at the top 25 most bike friendly cities as well as the 25 worst bike friendly cities. By taking the percentage of bike commuters , percentage of recreational bike riders and the bike fatality ratio per 10,000 residents, the team at Tower Electric Bikes was able to give each city a Total Bike Friendly score.

Personal Protection Equipment

There are many reasons to consider your safety in the workplace. Whether you work in a high-risk industry like construction or in a bustling warehouse, it is important for you to remember to wear the right personal protective equipment. This gear helps you stay safe and sound no matter what demands are placed on your shoulders in a given day.

Ways to Eliminate Sewage Smell in Washing Machine

A washing machine requires regular maintenance practices improving its efficiency, workability and durability. Just like other appliances, a washing machine can be prone to faults and damage. For example, the sewage smell in washing machines can be a result of lack of adequate maintenance and impaired functioning ability due to damages.

A Look at the Biggest Stars on YouTube

YouTube has provided us with some amazing videos over the years. But what does it actually take to become a top YouTuber? And how much do YouTubers actually earn? The team at ACE Cash Express breaks down the site’s top personalities in the following infographic.