Social Gaming & Online Gambling – Two Hot Markets Converging

Social gaming really came to the forefront in the early 2010s. People were able to play with their friends on their game consoles via Xbox Live and everyone was receiving Facebook notifications from friends inviting them to play Candy Crush. With social gaming becoming so popular, it seemed almost inevitable that it would eventually find its way into online casinos as these are some of the most popular places to play online.

7 Storytelling Structures to Improve Your Presentations

In his book “The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories,” Christopher Booker states that everything ever written boils down to seven basic plots. Using these story frames, you can share your life experiences to inspire your coworkers and bring your presentations to life. QuickQuid has put together the following video infographic / infographic detailing these 7 storytelling structures.

7 Techniques to Remember Anything

Do you struggle to remember the name of a person you were just introduced to? Or maybe you forgot what you did last weekend? How is it that some people seem able to remember everything so easily and others can’t even remember what they had for diner last night? Fear not! The folks at QuickQuid have gathered some of the best tips and tricks to help boost your memory skills.

The 15 Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

In the following infographic, Bob Books have collated 15 of the most expensive photographs sold or auctioned in history. For example, Billy the Kid can be attributed to the incredible life of crime and lawlessness that the outlaw became notorious for, and the scarcity of genuine original images of Billy. Richard Prince’s Spiritual America may draw its value from the controversy surrounding the image.

12 Famous Accidental Innovations

Throughout history, the world’s most brilliant minds have continuously pushed the boundaries of science to develop new and exciting innovations. GetVoIP has put together the following visual that details 12 of the most famous accidental innovations of our time and the unusual stories that led to their discovery.

10 Things You Didn’t Know Were Banned Around The World

What might be harmless and acceptable in your country, could land you in deep trouble in another country. Countries are banning a lot of strange things that are completely normal and harmless outside these regions. This infographic from Taxidio is a visual display of some of the weirdest regulations and law practices around the world.

Smoke Without Fire

E-cigarettes, also known as vaping, is a growing market with the number of consumers increasing from 2.8 million in 2013 to 6.1 million in 2016. That’s a rise of 120%! in the folowing infographic, Grey Haze takes a look at some of the best things you didn’t know about vaping.