Evolution Of Poker Bots

Here is a brief evolution of how artificial intelligence software has evolved into what it is today and what it can bring to the future of poker, all compiled into an infographic by The Best Poker Sites.

Las Vegas vs Macau

In a clash between two of the most famous and popular “sin cities” which one should bear the title of the most exciting? While Las Vegas is known as the ultimate place to have an unforgettable night, Macau has risen in popularity in the last two decades. So, if you ever wondered what are the most popular games played in their casinos, a short history of gambling, tax treatment, and which celebrity visitors have been there, check out the following infographic.

Lithium-ion Vs. Lead Acid Batteries

Does a lithium-ion forklift battery outperform a lead-acid forklift battery? In this infographic, courtesy of Flux Power, take a look at the benefits of Lithium-ion batteries over Lead Acid and the difference between the two.

Tips for Getting Ready for the Australian Citizenship Test

For you to sit for the Australian citizenship test, you must have applied for Australian citizenship, be residing in Australia permanently, prove your identity when registering and have a picture of yourself or let the government take one. Here is an infographic that provides some tips to help you get ready for this examination.

Where You’re Most Likely To Get Killed As A Pedestrian In The United States

This infographic by YourLawyer.com takes a look at where you’re most likely to be killed as a pedestrian in America. It doesn’t look good for Florida. Pedestrian accidents are, unfortunately, on the rise. The Governors Highway Safety Administration stated that there were 6590 pedestrian fatalities in 2019, a 5% increase over 2018’s numbers. That is a 60% increase in fatalities since 2009.

How To Make A DIY Drying Rack for Fleshlights

If you’ve been frustrated by Fleshlight sleeves that take forever to dry out, this project is for you. This Do It Yourself PVC stand quick-dries Fleshlights using the power of gravity. And it’s not just a drying stand – you can also use it hang frequently-used Fleshlight sleeves for easy convenient storage.

The Top 100 Countries With the Tallest Buildings

Humanity always strives for greatness, and that’s reflected in our architecture. Someone is already trying to construct a building that is taller, stronger, and better than the last. This infographic by AlansFactoryOutlet.com has data on the tallest skyscrapers in 100 different countries.

35 of the Most Prolific Medical Serial Killers of All Time

In the world of medical ethics, one of the most important principles is to do no harm. Unfortunately, there are a few doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who chose to do harm to the patients within their care. This infographic delves into the disturbing world of medical serial killers who murdered for greed, power, attention, revenge, and misguided mercy.

12 Chemicals and Additives Consumed in America That Are Banned in Other Countries

It’s incredible to think that Americans are eating food laden with chemicals and additives that have been thought to be dangerous and banned in other countries. Some examples include the infamous pink slime in hamburger meat, potassium bromate in dough, ractopamine, yellow 5 (and 6) dyes and many other examples you’re sure to have heard of. In this infographic, check out these 12 chemicals that are consumed every day, why they might not be as safe as we think, and which countries have banned them.

Online Gambling as Impacted by COVID0-19

Getting ready to gamble offline after gambling online due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Many studies show that online bets and wagers have spiked dramatically during the lock-down, with people spending more time gambling. Here are some facts and figures about your habit, how to curb it, but also what’s the new reality you’ll have to adapt to if you head to the land-based casinos.