The Effects of Common Types of Soil on Metal Building Foundations

Have you considered which type of soil will be the best foundation for a new metal building? You will want to have a very stable foundation that will not move or shift in any way regardless of weather, such as rain and snow, or even flooding if you happen to live in a flood-prone area. You want a foundation that has good drainage and will avoid water pooling around your building. 

Cards Up Their Sleeves: Top Celebrity Gamblers

Celebrity gamers are driven by the same rush an average person feels when he or she plays a hand, throws the dice, or utters the famous “Hit me.” But, some celebrities are more successful than others. A handful of them achieved stardom in this field while others managed to get banned for life. This infographic presents the most popular celebrity casino lovers along with their biggest wins and losses.

10 World Records You Can Break Working From Home

2020 has been a year of an all-time high for employees working from home, but along with that has come added stress levels. To help combat this, people are encouraged to take frequent breaks to avoid over-working. How about trying to break a Word Record? Here is an infographic which explores fun and harmless competition in the form of world record-breaking attempts… all in the comfort of your own home.

20 Benefits of Handwriting For Your Learning Process

Some believe that we don’t need handwriting anymore because modern software allows us to type or use voice input to note information and easily distribute it to numerous devices. Note-taking apps, word processors, and other online tools have made our lives easier. Moreover, they have granted access to information to people with disabilities. However, handwriting is still an integral part of education.

What Are The Best Lenses for Studio Photography?

How to choose right lenses for studio portraits photography? Working with the right lenses will ensure amazing photos, help you promote your portrait photography business. Here’s a DSLR Camera Lenses Guide for you to choose portrait lenses. This in-depth infographic helps you find the lenses that work best for your portrait photo-shoot.

Enhancing Your Model Rocketry Experience

Whether you’ve dreamed of going to space since your childhood, grew up watching the space race, love building models, or simply like things that go shooting into the air, model rocketry may be for you. Maybe it’s time that you discover what so many others already have—model rocketry is a blast (pun intended)! Here is an infographic that is designed to enhance your model rocketry experience.

The 50 Deadliest U.S. Counties For Bicyclists

Electric bikes, scooters, and bicycles are increasing in popularity due to their low environmental impact and cost-saving benefits. They also give people an opportunity to get outside and exercise. As the number of cyclists on the road increases, so do the number of accidents. Unfortunately, these accidents can lead to serious injury or even death. Here is an infographic that looks at the 50 deadliest U.S. counties for bicyclists.

How to Secure Your Construction Site

With the presence of high-value plant machinery and equipment, construction sites remain a common target and are particularly vulnerable to theft and other crimes, especially when they are not adequately protected. Millennium Security have produced a handy infographic explaining the most effective ways to secure your construction site from theft, arson and unauthorized access.

The Deadliest Wars And Crimes Against Humanity In History

War, terrorism, and crimes against humanity are stains that mar our collective history. This infographic delves into the deadliest wars and conquests, the deadliest terrorist attacks, the deadliest genocides, the political leaders with the most victims, the deadliest periods of slave trade and forced labor, and the deadliest aerial bombings.