How Quick Does Father Christmas Need To Be?

The following is a quirky and fascinating look into the surprising statistics surrounding Santa’s annual journey around the globe to delivery all of his presents. Inspired by a great article by ABC News, Parcel2Go went several steps further and discovered several interesting details regarding Santa’s journey.

The Rise in Spice

More than ten years ago, Spice wasn’t popularized. It was made and sold commercially beginning in 2004. Just this year, Obama signed legislation that banned any sort of synthetic drug on the market to be sold or consumed. Although it looks a lot like marijuana, the chemicals that make up Spice are very dangerous and potentially deadly. Today, teenagers are becoming addicted to Spice and are in need of drug treatment.

Movember Stachographic

The Moustache – also known as ’Stach, a Soup Strainer, a Lip Hat, a Snot Mop and a best friend. These fuzzy facial fashions have become all the rage during Movember and Cinema Casino’s “Stachographic” is taking a closer look at the types of Mo’s one can grow.

Spooky Halloween Statistics

There is plenty to fear, especially on Halloween. But what should we really be afraid of? Poisoned candy? Nope. Child abduction? Not likely. Diabetes and lead-based paints? Apparently so. What things are you worried about this Halloween? Take a look at the spooky stats we’ve rounded up in this Halloween infographic.

Halloween: Dress up Your Eyes

For centuries, people have claimed that the eyes are windows to the soul. Scary contact lenses are the secret to every Hollywood producer’s transformation of actors into the most stunningly-familiar, memorable and poignant creatures. With custom contact lenses you can truly and authentically become your favorite classic monster, Hollywood goolie, undead scene-stealer, or classic beast.

Howlin’ Halloween Costumes!

Your Halloween wardrobe is a ‘killer’ way to start a conversation, or let people know you’ve got a sense of humor or an active imagination. It’s also a way to unleash a fair amount of steam, dressing the kid that’s been a stinker all year up as a little devil, or donning a mask with a world leader’s face on it and bossing everyone else around. In the following infographic get the scoop on the top Halloween costumes.

World’s Deadliest Horror Villain

Through years of horror-filled cinema, there have been quite a few characters that have scared the daylights out of us. In this infographic developed by, we investigate which horror villain reigns supreme.

Halloween 2012: Facts and Figures

Is your family one of the 78 million households that will be celebrating Halloween this year? One of the most popular holidays of the year, Halloween is an autumn staple. When else during the year can kids dress up as batman, run around the neighborhood on a sugar high, and scream at their neighbors’ doors?

Americas Haunted House Guide – Dare to Get Scared

In the following infographic by Discount Queen, learn more about some of Americas real haunted houses. The undead, ghosts, zombies, blood and gore, even things that go bump in the night. What if they were all around you, and you had nowhere to hide, no escape from their bony hands reaching, misty forms creeping, crawling towards you?

Working Hard for the Money?

The following infographic by Business MBA shows a variety of individuals who changed our lives but died penniless – and some who got sweetheart deals for not doing a whole lot.