The Curious Case of Crime in the Media

Crime Headlines vs. Reality—What does the local coverage of crime teach about the world around you? How do headlines compare to what the police are reporting to the public about crime in their city? To find out Simplisafe took a look at the news coverage of crime for one week in four major US cities.

Marijuana: Smoking vs Vaporizing

Everyone has their own view on marijuana. However, whether you partake in using the illegal substance or not, for the people that do, you might want to keep reading. Appearantly vaporizing marijuana is better for you than smoking. Check out this infographic presented by Weedmaps to learn more.

The Monetary Value of a Human Life

This infographic describes the various amounts that governments and companies are willing to spend in order to save a life, take a life, and to compensate for the loss of life. For example, did you know by the time a single inmate on death row in California is finally executed, $308 million would have been spent? These and other interesting facts below.

The Cost of Being Iron Man

Iron Man, like Batman, doesn’t actually possess super human powers, but instead uses his wealth to fund the state of the art gadgets, vehicles and weaponry which he uses to fight crime. The following infographic from MoneySupermarket takes a look at just how much fortune one would need to have to be Iron Man.

Zombie Attack! What You Need to Know

The zombie apocalypse has arrived, and now we need some folks to come along with their mighty boom-sticks and clear up all this mess. That’s where you come in. Below the infographic by offers a whole new range of zombie experience days, ready to train you for the inevitable zombie onslaught.

Doomsday Economy: The End Is Near!

In a time of apocalyptic predictions, where many believe that a major catastrophic event can happen any second, the demand for certain products has risen to a level that amazes even suppliers and manufacturers themselves. Shelter builders, survival kit makers, gun manufacturers, power generator suppliers and even movie producers, are some of the main business sectors that are making the most out of the current “doomsday economy”.

5 Public Health Nightmares Facing Humanity

With 2012’s end of times deadline quickly approaching and people coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas for how the world or civilization will end, MPH Online thought this would be a good time to look at the more plausible scenarios facing mankind. Because really, who needs the Mayans when the world has so many other ways to kill us off?

What Is THAT In Your Suitcase?

Another look at some of the strangest things found by customs in traveler’s luggage. This a light-hearted infographic that details some the strangest and most random items found and confiscated at customs.

Facts About Diamonds

Diamonds have long been valued by people. We value them for many reasons including as a commodity, as a sign of love and also as a status symbol. The infographic below has many useful gems if information that will perhaps explain why we put so much value on these trinkets.

Beginners Guide To Prepping For Doomsday

From zombies to financial fallout, doomsday can come in many forms. With the recent surge in popularity of doomsday prepping TV shows, and websites, it is important to be ready when the time comes. This infographic from provides some basic guidelines to go by when the time comes to bug out. From fire arms to food storage, don’t be the one who isn’t ready!