Facts About Diamonds

Diamonds have long been valued by people. We value them for many reasons including as a commodity, as a sign of love and also as a status symbol. The infographic below has many useful gems if information that will perhaps explain why we put so much value on these trinkets.

Beginners Guide To Prepping For Doomsday

From zombies to financial fallout, doomsday can come in many forms. With the recent surge in popularity of doomsday prepping TV shows, and websites, it is important to be ready when the time comes. This infographic from VanLines.com provides some basic guidelines to go by when the time comes to bug out. From fire arms to food storage, don’t be the one who isn’t ready!

Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice

Media has never been more consolidated than it is today. In fact, just 6 media giants now control a staggering 90% of what we watch, read or listen to. In this infographic, learn who these companies are and discover just how much power they hold.

What if Game of Thrones Took Place in NYC?

Well it finally happened, Game of Thrones fever has struck the RentShare team hard, and like any great plague it has killed a lot of time and damaged productivity. Some of us have even passed into more advanced stages of the illness, insisting on reading the books as well! Below is the tragic byproduct of our uncontrollable Game of Thrones procrastinations.

The Greatest Viruses of All Time

Viruses are inevitably small in nature, yet engineered to unleash intense and often terrifying devastation. They leave a costly aftermath whether it’s the irreparable loss of human life, or millions (sometimes billions) of dollars in lost revenue and property. Uniblue Systems has gone through history to find the worst viruses of them all.

Keep Calm & Carry On

It seems you can step out your front door without seeing the words “Keep Calm and Carry On” on a t-shirt, coffee mug or poster. Where did this comforting phrase come from and what launched it into the collective consciousness? Fibers.com created this infographic illustrating the rise of the Keep Calm and Carry.

Anatomy of a Shark Attack

You have probably heard the stories about sharks attacking humans. You may have even watched one of the popular movies about shark attacks. If you go swimming in the ocean what are the odds that a shark will actually attack you? Should you be afraid to go swimming in the ocean? The real facts about shark attacks just might surprise you. Check out the infographic from BuellWetsuits.com below to learn more about shark attacks.

The Sacred Order of Geeks

Spawned from the union of yesterday’s memes and obsessive technophiles, the mythical empire of geekdom has been steadily expanding for decades, evolving and diversifying at each turn. Though hailing from different territories of geek, each new variety marches under the same banner.

UK Burglary Hotspots

How safe is your neighborhood? Do you know? A new infographic has detailed the burglary hotspots across the UK, which seem to mainly be in London and Yorkshire! The infographic also looks at the behavior of criminals in the UK. For example, did you know that 44% of burglaries happen during the day?

15 Ridiculous Laws Around The World

What would it be like to live in a world without laws? Pretty chaotic huh? So we need laws but some law are just ridiculous. This infographic, published by Prism Casino, brings you confirmed, real laws from around the world that are so silly you’ve probably never thought possible.