Top 10 Lotto and Bingo Winners of All Time

Winning the biggest, juiciest bingo jackpot is every player’s dream. The same applies with Lotto. Whenever you buy a lotto ticket or a bingo card, all your hopes are placed in just one thought: hitting the big prize. However, the ugly truth is that both winners and losers are almost entirely determined by Lady Luck, no matter the strategy of your choice. This infographic looks at the top 10 lotto and bingo winners of all time.

Cigar Wrapper Classifications

The actual “wrapper” of a cigar is the outermost portion of the cigar and is typically made from the larger, lower leaves of the tobacco plant. Wrapping around the cigar filler, the wrapper is what actually binds the cigar together and helps to determine the overall flavor. This infographic identifies different types of cigar wrappers and how they affect the cigar smoking experience.

12 Months of Facts About Birthstones

It is said that birthstones came to be when the Jewish historian Josephus made a connection between the twelve stones on Aaron’s breastplate and the twelve months in a year and its respective Zodiac Signs. This at least, is one of the more popular background stories on its Western origin, but there are at least a dozen others claiming to have propagated the idea of birthstones.

10 Reasons Why Grandpa is Cooler Than You

This week marks Silver Surfer Week in the UK, an initiative that aims to encourage more older people to use the internet. To celebrate, Plusnet has put together an infographic showing the ways users over 50 are using the web, particularly in social networking and shopping online.

Should You Accept That Friend Request?

Who’s that person that sent you the Facebook friend request and should you accept or deny their request for permission into your personal online life? This infographic takes a humorous look at accepting friends on Facebook or not.

The Google Diet

Google is known for its data and how it optimizes its community – but did you know that they also optimize their own employees? Using their internal “People Analytics” program, Google looks at how their employees eat in their free cafeteria and optimizes it so they’re healthier, make better eating decisions, and are more productive through that process.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Zombies can be deadly but if you follow these tips and tricks provide in infographic from by Goal Zero, you should survive like a pro. All you need are some portable solar panels, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and a Costco in Canada. Then you’ll be set to ward off those brain-eating fiends.

The Rise of the Slacktivist

Slacktivist, a term coined by Dwight Ozard and Fred Clark in 1995, simply means “doing something in support of an issue or cause that requires minimal personal effort.” But, is there any value in slacktivism? Can 500,000 people on Twitter actually change something? Or is hitting the streets and protesting the only real way to cause social change? Sortable takes a look at the rise of slacktivism, and the power this movement has.