The Most Expensive and Least Expensive Places for Childcare

Childcare costs in the United States are widely known to be exorbitant. A January 2023 report from the U.S. Department of Labor revealed that the prices have reached an unsustainable level for families. The team at AAAStateofPlay has conducted a comprehensive analysis of childcare costs to identify the regions where childcare expenses are most steep.

Monitor What Kids Are Into

The best way to control your children effortlessly is to gain experience with the best parental control applications. You can browse installed apps, upload screenshots, and upload live screenshots to see what your kids like. You can see what they are looking for, learn what they are hiding, and discover inappropriate activity in web browsers and social media applications.

How to Overcome Unlimited Screen Time

We all know that unlimited screen time isn’t a good idea, but why do we do it anyway? Reclaim your brain: learn more about the dangers of unlimited screen time, how it’s become even more prevalent in children during the pandemic, and a better way forward in the infographic below.

How Does Paid Parental Leave Compare Around the World?

The benefits of parental leave have been proven to be extraordinary. Many studies have shown that parental leave helps foster the emotional and physical health of parents and children, and also helps women remain in the workplace. The following graphic shows how countries around the world rank in terms of federal parental leave.

How to Dress Your Baby for Sleep

Are you a new or expecting parent trying to figure out how to keep your baby safe? The following infographic from will make it easy to know which sleepwear to layer to ensure that your baby is cozy but not too warm.

Childcare in Australia: Facts and Figures

An estimated 1,376,470 million Australian children and 986,000 families attend childcare in Australia. Needless to say that the demand for childcare in recent years are high and there is no sign that the demand will dwindle anytime soon. In the following infographic, it is clear that formal childcare is now quickly taking over the importance that informal childcare used to have. 

Why Does Your Baby Cry During Photoshoot?

Newborn and baby photography requires a special touch; it’s not for every photographer. It is almost certain that the baby will cry at some point during the session, especially when we are trying for those cute and curvy-posed types of photos. However, staying calm and having patience is the best way to calm your baby. In this simple infographic, discover the reasons why your baby may cry during a photo-shoot.

20 Tips for Moving With Kids

Because of the stress that can be experienced by children of parents during a move, the long process can take a heavy toll on the family. The less you have to worry about when it comes to moving, the less stressed you and your kids will be. Here is an infographic that address the concerns some people have when moving with kids or family.