Emptying the Nest Egg: The Rising Cost Of Adult Children

Whilst many expectant parents may look forward to that 18th birthday, when the child embraces adulthood and flies the nest to fend for themselves, in reality, this could merely be a pipe dream. In today’s economy, many parents are faced with using their personal savings to support their offspring financially even when they enter adult life. Aldermore takes a look at the rarely acknowledged costs of adult children and why you need to be saving now.

How to Get Children to Help With the Chores

If you’re having trouble getting your children to help out around the house, you might want to consider a few simple steps to make their regular chores a little bit more fun. This infographic will help you show few crafty tricks to getting the kids involved in taking care of the household.

How To Get Your Toddler To Sleep

Getting a fussy kid to sleep is one of the toughest parts of a parent’s job! When the hour is late and the clock is ticking, what wouldn’t you try to get your child to snooze? This infographic provides 17 techniques that parents use to try to get their little ones to bed.

50 of the Best Books for Parents

Parenting definitely isn’t easy, and sometimes we need some help. Books are a great source for new and old parents to learn how to best take care of their children. Check out the infographic to see 50 of the best books for parents.

Year of the Tiger Mom

Everyone parents differently, and some take it to the extreme. Tiger moms are a part of that category. Strict parenting is common in many Chinese immigrant families, but not all Asian-Americans practice it. Check out the infographic below to learn more about tigers moms and how they use extreme parenting.

Why Won’t You Play With Me?

We all know being a parent is a tough old job – juggling so many demands on time and priorities. Just working to pay the bills eats into the time we get with our children. Sadly parents are losing confidence at playing, the majority (76%) often feeling self conscious and inadequate. Nearly half of parents (49%) felt envious or inadequate in comparison to other parents. And 1/3 think parents in general have just forgotten how to play with their kids. Moms and dads are giving themselves a hard time over this.

The Alarming State of Single Parenthood

Everyone knows that times are tough and it is becoming more expensive then ever for raising a family. Single parent households continue to rise due to financial instability, unplanned pregnancies, and divorces. Finding the right solutions to these issues is very challenging, but if we work together as a nation, they can be improved.