The Teenage Online Landmine

Parenting has been a frightening proposition since the beginning of time, but parents today are faced with challenges no generation has ever faced: raising children who have spent their entire lives immersed in the Internet and social media. Here Best Counseling Degrees takes a look at the threats and the safeguards that make a virtually impossible task manageable. The big bad Internet can be tamed, and your kids can be kept safe.

Super Dads! Happy Father’s Day

Do you love your dad? You really should, because whether you know it or not, the tender loving care you’ve had from dad has made you a better person! It’s no wonder we idolize our fathers when we’re kids. This infographic gives you some very hard hitting numbers on father involvement and how fathers help their children grow in a more positive way.

Work After Baby

Deciding whether to go back to work after having a baby can be a difficult decision for mothers. Check out the infographic below presented by to learn about how women feel about going back to work after having a child.

The Future of Baby Making

Do you think genetic engineering in humans is right or wrong? Either way, you have to admit that it is pretty interesting. Check out the infographic below presented by to learn about the science behind genetically engineered children.

How is Media Affecting Kids?

Kids these days. They all seem to be nose deep in some iSomething. Check out the infographic below presented by Early Childhood Education Degrees to learn about how media and technology affects children.

Safety Tips For Kids

In these days parents are under huge pressure in terms of kids’ safety. The point is that world goes online and children are involved in a lot of Web activities. That’s why providing major tips on how to behave online and offline is very important task for parents and teachers. This infographic from mSpy shows the main rules for kids to follow and will help them avoid danger.

Keeping Your Baby Safe

PishPoshBaby has created the following infographic about baby safety, at home and elsewhere. Anyone who has a baby can learn many useful things from this guide to important baby safety information.

Baby Proofing Your Home

Is your precious baby rolling over already? Before you know it, she’ll be scooting herself around, pulling herself up on the furniture and then walking around the house. Here’s a baby proofing checklist from Baby Care Journals to make sure there are no hidden dangers.

Amazing Things Only Mothers Do

At the moment, there are around 2 billion mothers in the world. On average, each mom has 2 babies. It is estimated that a middle-income mom may spend nearly $250,000 to raise a new child over the next 18 years. During the economic depression, mothers are willing to take a second job to make sure that their kids can go to the best schools.