How To Know If It’s a Boy or a Girl

Knowing whether you will be having a baby girl or a baby boy is really exciting. The following infographic explores some old wife beliefs in this regards. Of course there is also those of the opinion that one should not try to predetermine the gender of the baby as it will let you enjoy the suspense and your labor also becomes easier and exciting.

How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and this infographic from Parenting Safe Children shows parents how to keep children safe from sexual abuse. It debunks common myths, suggests body-safety rules, and provides you specific questions for screening caregivers.

Child Support in Australia

In most cases, parents and other family members understand the need to put a child’s safety and emotional well-being first. Parental responsibility and living arrangements for children in separated families (formerly referred to as “child custody”, “residence”, “contact” or even “access”) need to be considered and decided upon following a relationship breakdown. By law the best interests of the child are always the most important consideration.

Single Parent Households

Maybe you don’t wear a cape or leap tall buildings in a single step, but you’re an Avenger in your own right. As a single parent, you perform mesmerizing feats every day. Juggling work, kids and life, you manage to keep everyone happy and all the plates spinning. One of those plates is your finances. But if your budget isn’t in super shape, check out this colorful infographic from Speedy Cash for single parent saving tips. You’ll find helpful stats on single parent homes as well as the best ways to refresh your financial situation, including setting goals and shopping smart.

A Visual Guide to Your Child’s Car Seat Safety

When driving your kids, parents know how important car safety, especially car seat safety is for babies and for toddlers. 21st Century Auto Insurance recently created the visual Guide to to Child Car Safety below to offer parents important tips and facts on how to protect kids riding in a car.

Baby Milestones

Baby milestones are important to each parent and this infographic guides new parents with how to deal with their baby’s development and handling expenses which are considered very high on the first year of their lives. It also illustrates how 1-24 months baby evolve in such wonderful milestones that the majority are on the right track.

The Economics of Marriage and Divorce

When it comes to divorce, it can be one of the hardest decisions for both parties involved. However, the most important thing is to remember how it might affect the children. According to recent study, children that didn’t live with both parents were less likely to have moved up to a higher income group 12 years later as adults.