Kids Fire Safety Guide

We all need to be proactive when it comes to home fire safety and try to teach our children how to prevent and deal with home fires. This guide can be used as an education resource for both parents and teaches as it is easy to understand and covers most important aspects.

How to Encourage Kindness In Children

Kindness is contagious. Even a simple smile can brighten someones day and get passed to the next person. Imagine a world where good deeds and smiles gets passed to each person…. from mile to mile! This infographic from I See Me! looks at how to encourage...

Baby Fruit Size Comparison – Week By Week

Watching your little one grow throughout the pregnancy is a fun way to pass the nine long months. You may think that there is no other way to track the baby’s growth other than ultrasound scans. MomJunction has compiled this infographic to give you a fair idea of your growing baby week by week with easily recognizable fruits.

How To Stop Your Child From Whining?

Your child tends to whine for various reasons. Instead of asking your child to stop whining every time, you can try out different ways to deal with the whining in children. Let’s find out in this infographic from Mom Junction.

Creating a Child Friendly Floor Space

Children bring with them a whole set of complications you need to consider when trying to create the perfect child friendly room, and these problems start at the floor. Remember this is a space you will be spending much of your child’s early years standing, sitting and lying on. It’s particularly important when you consider how vital tummy time is to a babies development and how much of their early years will be spent learning and playing on the floor you choose.

How To Not Get Hit By A Car

No one wants to get hit by a car, but unfortunately it happens all too often.  Learn more about pedestrian safety from this interactive infographic put together by Safe Kids. [Click image for interactive version]

Play Fuel – 31 Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Play is a fundamental ingredient in a happy, healthy lifestyle for kids. Play cultivates social skills, builds confidence, broadens cognitive abilities, sparks learning, and nourishes emotional health. In addition to the mental benefits, playtime and sports work wonders for a child’s physical fitness and motor skills. As your kids are embarking on the ever-evolving adventure of play, they will need fuel to keep to stay active and learning.

The A – Z of Getting Fit with Your Children

If you’re a parent, then you know it’s a constant challenge to balance keeping the kids both healthy and entertained at the same time. That’s why Giraffe Childcare has come up with a clever, informative and adorable infographic, titled The A-Z of Getting Fit with Your Children. From Football to Yoga, Playgrounds to Retro Dancing, the infographic shows that it’s fun and easy to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle which includes your kids.

Helping Your Child Cope With Loss

When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to know how to help children cope with the loss, particularly as you work through your own grief. This infographic aims to guide parents and family on how to help a child understand and process their feelings in the event of a loss including helpful tips on introducing the concept of death to a child and even highlighting ‘what not to say’.