What Human Foods are Bad for Dogs?

If you are a dog lover and/or owner, you need to know, some important facts on what food dogs can and can not eat. For example, do you know which human foods can actually be toxic for dogs? This infographic from Petting My Dog throws some light on the foods that are harmful to dogs, which can cause severe health problems.

In Search of the Perfect Poop

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll be more than used to picking up your dog’s poop – it’s not a particularly pleasant job, but something we all have to do most days. But did you know your dog’s poop could be revealing important information about their overall health and happiness? But how do you know what to look out for?

What To Do if You Found a Baby Raccoon

Raccoons, like most mammals, are excellent mothers. Baby raccoons are dependent on their mother for up to nine months, after which they will go their way. After about 12 weeks of nursing, the baby raccoons are finally old enough to follow their mother out of their nesting area. During this time, they will learn from their mother how to forage for food, and where to look.

21 Interesting & Funny Cat Facts

I am a cat person. I love dogs as well but other people’s dogs (we have no dogs in our house). Even though our feline companions are somewhat introvert, anti-social, and self-sufficient, cats can be a sweet and lovable animal inside. As you spend time with them, you’ll realize that there are many things you might not have known about your felines.

A Financial Guide to Owning a Dog

What is the price of man’s best friend? If your thinking of adding a new furry addition to the family, then it important that you consider the costs. To help you figure out how much owning a dog could cost you, Greater Bank and RSPCA NSW teamed up and did the maths.