Whales Photographic Identification

One of the most valuable and non-invasive tools to learn about whale and dolphin populations is to use photographic identification. All species are highly mobile, and may only be in an area for a short period of time. When whale watching Australia, others are found far from shore and some whales undertake migrations of epic proportions, all factors that make them difficult to study.

The 75 Largest Underwater Species Ranked by Average Size

With so many fish in the sea, which is the largest? The largest animal in the ocean isn’t a fish at all but rather a whale. What other giant sea creatures lurk under the surface of the water? Take a deep dive into this illustrated chart that compares the average weight and length of the 75 largest underwater species alive today.

Why Feed Your Dog A Raw Food Diet?

Long before humans developed Kibble (dry biscuits), dogs ate table scrapes (human left overs) and before that, they caught their food in the wild. Over time, dogs haven’t changed much. Modern, domesticated dogs still thrive on the same raw food diet as their ancestors, the wild wolf. In this infographic, learn about the benefits of feeding your pet dog a raw food diet and what it can do to help them thrive in good health.

Top 10 Most Deadly Spiders in Australia

Aside from dealing with pest invasion all year round, Australia has been known to be home to some of the deadliest spiders on the planet. These range from snakes to scorpions to spiders. Here is an infographic from Eco Pest Control Brisbane that features the top 10 most deadly Australian Spiders.

55 Bird Species Ranked by Size

The biodiversity of Planet Earth is truly a marvel. This colorful and informative infographic explores 55 bird species, ordering them by size and providing insights into their natural habitat and conservation status. Each bird included plays an important role in the ecosystem, no matter their size or habits, highlighting the importance of species conservation.

Mobile Dog Grooming Insurance

Mobile pet grooming insurance also know as mobile dog grooming insurance is one of the first things needed when starting a mobile pet grooming business or mobile dog grooming business. Here is a quick informative infographic that explains the different types of mobile dog grooming insurance coverage options that are available to mobile pet groomers.

Guide to Cat and Dog Body Language

Knowing when your pet is feeling stressed, relaxed, affectionate, scared or happy can help you determine what kind of care they need in that moment. Learning what body language your pet is exhibiting is helpful for understanding them and caring for them. This helpful guide will show you what your pet may be trying to express to you with his or her body language.

Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking is an activity that helps promote better health and weight management. Research has shown that hiking helps calm anxiety and lower the risk of depression. One of the best ways to enjoy it is, of course, to take your furry friend with you. Here is a visual complete guide on hiking with your dog. Learn the safety tips and what to pack for hiking.