Mobile Dog Grooming Insurance

Mobile pet grooming insurance also know as mobile dog grooming insurance is one of the first things needed when starting a mobile pet grooming business or mobile dog grooming business. Here is a quick informative infographic that explains the different types of mobile dog grooming insurance coverage options that are available to mobile pet groomers.

Guide to Cat and Dog Body Language

Knowing when your pet is feeling stressed, relaxed, affectionate, scared or happy can help you determine what kind of care they need in that moment. Learning what body language your pet is exhibiting is helpful for understanding them and caring for them. This helpful guide will show you what your pet may be trying to express to you with his or her body language.

Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking is an activity that helps promote better health and weight management. Research has shown that hiking helps calm anxiety and lower the risk of depression. One of the best ways to enjoy it is, of course, to take your furry friend with you. Here is a visual complete guide on hiking with your dog. Learn the safety tips and what to pack for hiking.

Cat Emergency Kit

Some situations that may happen to your cat are not urgent but nevertheless require some help from you. It is much more convenient to keep all things in one place so that you can immediately make life easier for your pet. With the help of this infographic, you can learn more about how to collect such kits and what can be useful for your cat.

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make

Bird songs may sound like whimsical fun to humans, but for birds, it is a complex system with key functions. The primary purpose of bird vocalization is to attract mates. The second main purpose of bird calls and songs is territory defense. Check out the following infographic to discover 50 bird species and the sounds they make.

The Teeth of 25 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures

Dinosaur fossils have been discovered on all seven continents, shedding some light on the prehistoric world. Many fossils have contained varying forms of teeth, from sharp, serrated front teeth to grip and pull flesh to complex dental batteries designed to strip and grind plant material. Check out the following visual chart on the teeth from 25 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Discover How Dogs Can Be The Best Nannies

Due to their caring nature, dogs instinctively look after a baby and do what it takes to be the best babysitter. They would bring toys to a baby, make  a baby laugh, stop a baby from crying, protect being from harm or strangers, and readily provide baby company. This is why certain dog breeds are known as nanny breeds. In this infographic, discover how dogs can be the best nannies.