The Teeth of 25 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures

Dinosaur fossils have been discovered on all seven continents, shedding some light on the prehistoric world. Many fossils have contained varying forms of teeth, from sharp, serrated front teeth to grip and pull flesh to complex dental batteries designed to strip and grind plant material. Check out the following visual chart on the teeth from 25 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Discover How Dogs Can Be The Best Nannies

Due to their caring nature, dogs instinctively look after a baby and do what it takes to be the best babysitter. They would bring toys to a baby, make  a baby laugh, stop a baby from crying, protect being from harm or strangers, and readily provide baby company. This is why certain dog breeds are known as nanny breeds. In this infographic, discover how dogs can be the best nannies.

Top 20 Pet Meds

Humans aren’t the only ones who need medications. In fact, our furry friends can suffer from many of the same ailments we can. From asthma and allergies, to congestive heart failure and cancer, Canada Pharmacy Online has created the following infographic which looks at the top 20 pet meds.

Natural Ways to Calm Your Dog

Similar to us humans, animals can also have their own responses when dealing with certain situations. Take for example dogs. Touted as the man’s best friend, dogs have been one of the few animals who managed to develop a friendly relation with humans. As a result, it can be hard to imagine a home that never experienced owning a pet dog. The following infographic will give you some of the proven and easy natural ways of how you can calm your dog.

114 Dog Breeds Ranked by Temperament

Since 1977, the American Temperament Test Society has been conducting a Temperament Test for dog breeds. The purpose of the test is to measure “stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog’s instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat.” The following infographic charts out 114 dog breeds ranked by temperament

Environmental Enrichment Ideas for Poultry

Environmental enrichment strategies are used to improve the physical and mental well-being of captive animals such as poultry, and is aimed at increasing opportunities for birds to engage in natural behaviors, and decreasing potentially harmful, abnormal behaviors, such as severe feather pecking. Learn more about this in the following infographic.

The Buzz of the Mosquito

Mosquitoes are an emerging threat. No matter how advanced we are in science and technology, no matter how close we get to Mars, the Sun or any other planet, we just cannot do away with these blood-sucking bugs! In this infographic, you will learn some of the vital facts about the world’s deadliest pest, the mosquito.