The 6 Most Common Pests in Toronto

There’s an influx of pests in Toronto during spring and summer months when the weather gets warmer. The following infographic looks at 6 of the most common pests in Toronto. Learn about the risks they pose to your health and how to keep them away.

The Humanization of Pets

New products, services and changes in pet-owner behavior are opening up a plethora of opportunities in the pet segment, especially in the areas of pet health and wellness. For example, 9 in 10 dog and cat owners consider their pets “part of the family” — with nearly half of dog owners finding it harder to leave their pet than their human partners for a week.

How to Survive an Animal Attack

Many people love hiking and backpacking, but sometimes it can be dangerous. When meeting with a wild friend outdoors, it’s better to know what to do and what not to do, because everyone loves a good survival story. Here is an infographic, courtesy of Restless Backpacker, on how to react when encountering wild animals. 

National Animals From Around the World

There are nearly 200 sovereign nations in the world today, and each one has chosen a National Animal that is representative of that respective nation’s habitats and biomes. Ready to learn about more national animals? Check out this infographic which highlights 47 National Animals from Around the World.

How a Vet Treats Cruciate Ligament Tears in Dogs

The Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) in dogs is one of the major ligaments that connect the upper leg bone to the lower leg bone. It allows the dog’s knee to bend properly. Typically, tears happen when there is continued stress on the ligament from walking or running, a burst of sudden force on the ligament or degradation due to age. In the following infographic, learn how vets treat Cruciate Ligament tears in man’s best friend.

The Power Of Pets: How Pet Culture Can Help Build Your Business

Pets are part of our families, so why not take them with you when you go shoe shopping? For many of us, there doesn’t have to be an economic benefit of pets because our companions are, in and of themselves, all we need. That notwithstanding, you may be surprised how our pets have a profound impact on businesses. Learn more about pets and business within this infographic.

Dog Bite Statistics in Virginia

For many people, dogs are more than pets. They are like family members. Still, dogs are animals. They can attack and cause devastating injuries. They may bite people due to being startled, scared or threatened, or out of a need to protect themselves or their puppies, or even being overly excited or playful.

How To Get Rid of Mice?

If you are wondering what to do when you find out you have mice in your house or at your business, then here is an infographic from Pest Control in London with some top tips to help with your mouse problem. Learn where mice hide, how they get inside your home and some key tips for dealing with them.

What Human Foods are Bad for Dogs?

If you are a dog lover and/or owner, you need to know, some important facts on what food dogs can and can not eat. For example, do you know which human foods can actually be toxic for dogs? This infographic throws some light on the foods that are harmful to dogs, which can cause severe health problems.