Which Presidential Candidate Would Be a Better Roommate?

In this election season, we have gotten to know a great deal about the presidential candidates, probably a lot more than we like to! As can happen with TV characters when we binge-watch a show, the Washington hopefuls can feel like our friends or neighbors or even enemies. But what would happen if we conducted a different kind of election? What if instead of the winner taking up residence in the White House, they would instead come to live with you in your house?

2016: An Election of Surprises

The campaign for this year’s 2016 presidential election has so far been neck-to-neck. Whoever wins in November (whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump), it’ll likely be surprise. It’s hard to foresee who the elected future president will be. This infographic explores a bunch of historical surprises and amazing revelations. It’s an inside view of some of our former presidents.

Donald Trump’s Wall – What Might It Really Cost?

From the very beginning of Donald trump’s presidential campaign, he has suggested building a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border, of which he would force Mexico itself to pay for. It has been a fundamental element of his campaign, generating a huge amount of support from the Republican electorate. But just how probable is such a wall?

Millennials Vote: Democrats vs Republicans

This infographic shows the political courses of the Democrats and the Republicans before the upcoming elections. It is designed to help millennials familiarize with the differences between the political views and programs of the two parties and to decide for whom you will vote on the presidential elections this November.

Presidential Looks: A Hair History of the USA

Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, America hasn’t just looked to its leaders for strength and guidance; we’ve also turned to the man in the White House for advice on all the hottest new hairstyles. In this infographic, Ogle School takes a look at the hair of all the presidents of

NHS and the European Union: The Facts

This infographic outlines the key facts about the relationship between the NHS and the European Union. The referendum on EU membership took place on the 23rd June, with UK opting for a leave vote with a majority of 52%. What happens now and what the consequences may be is a subject of heated debate.

The Psychology of Presidential Campaign Signs

Political campaigns have been using various techniques for hundreds of years; and while the term “propaganda” often has negative connotations, in this case it’s referring to the same psychological tactics that shape consumer advertising every day. The following infographic from BuildASign uses historical examples to highlight the seven types of propaganda used in campaign branding and illustrate how these tactics affect voters on multiple levels.

Presidential Candidates on Drugs

The race for the White House is intensifying. With 40+ million American voters (and 30% of the original presidential candidates) impacted by drugs, the politics of addiction has been a hot issue in the 2016 presidential campaign for both parties. The following infographic looks at how presidential candidates plan to address the scourge of drugs and addiction.