The Taxing Truth About Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act is designed to change the landscape of modern healthcare, but are you aware of the daunting new taxes Obamacare ushers upon the American public? Although expanded healthcare coverage will be provided at reasonable prices, Obamacare will introduce twenty new taxes that will cost American taxpayers over half a trillion dollars in the next ten years.

Playing the Numbers

This infographic from provides a brief history of the U.S. government’s misadventures, mishandling and misuse of your tax dollars. If you are not already from reading that statement, read on because you will be soon enough!

Characteristics of Successful Public Policy

Public policy is the cornerstone of American democracy and servers a very important purpose in American society. We vote for, see, and hear pubic policy quite often, but do we ever stop to think what is good public policy and what is not? To learn more about what makes good public policy, checkout this infographic.

What You Need to Know About Obamacare

Despite its 1900+ page length, and 234k words that impact substantive law, the basics of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or Obamacare aren’t hard to grasp. In this infographic, see how Obamacare affects you and what will every American get starting 2014 in terms of health care.

Protect Our Rights

This infographic shows that nearly all major gun control acts throughout history have been in response to violent historical events where Americans were harmed by others using firearms. The infographic was created “to raise awareness of an issue important to us and millions of other Americans.”…to essentially, “help protect our rights.”

How the IRS Abused the 501c Tax Loophole

The IRS has a known history of scandalous behavior. With Nixon, Johnson, Hoover, Kennedy, and the FBI using the IRS to intimidate their enemies, it’s no surprise that people have their eye on the IRS. Now under President Obama, they’re at it again, which begs the question: bureaucratic blunder or political profiling? The following infographic from explores this issue.