The Logistics of Voting

The 2012 Presidential election is right around the corner and everyone is getting geared up to vote, making sure they are registered and know where they are supposed to go on voting day. However, have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes during the voting process? Well, wonder no more.

U.S. vs China: Superpower Showdown

These giants boast the world’s largest economies and active militaries and their decisions influence politics at a global level. Despite a massive trade agreement and many diplomatic meetings, the two nations struggle to maintain the semblance of a civil relationship. As pressure mounts from U.S. leaders, China remains unfazed, coolly growing its military and economy.

Obama vs Romney on Cybersecurity

Whether you think so or not, cybersecurity is an important issue in the United States. Especially because most of our infrastructure is run wirelessly. So with the presidential election right around the corner, it’s important to know where both candidates stand on this issue. Check out the infographic below presented by Veracode to learn more.

The Cost to Educate a President

The 2012 presidential election is right around the corner and everyone is wanting to know more about the candidates. This infographic presented by Degree Jungle compares how Obama and Romney financed their education. Check it out below to learn more.

Social Media Showdown: Obama vs Romney

The 2012 Presidential Campaign is heating up with the election just 3 months away. The campaigning is reaching new heights with candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney reaching out to voters using various social media platforms. So when it comes to social media who has the upper hand: Obama or Romney?

How Social Media is Playing a Political Role

Have you ever wondered how social is changing the political landscape? Which is more powerful – Facebook or Twitter? Or are they both essential ingredients for political success? Let’s find out in this infographic published by social marketing platform – ZynQo.

Cuts to SNAP = More Hungry Kids

Members of Congress are working to reauthorize the Farm Bill, legislation that provides funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program, formerly known as food stamps, and for the SNAP education program. If Congress cuts funding for this program, it will affect millions of children and families, leaving them even more vulnerable to hunger.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Thousands of people are expected to take to their streets and the banks of the River Thames this bank holiday weekend in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 year reign. Street parties are taking place up and down the country and celebrations in London will include a river procession. Discover more about this achievement and how people will be marking the event with this infographic from Dartington.