20 Supermarket Survival Tips To Save Money

Supermarkets and grocery stores provide convenience and offer a variety of goods. They are designed however to make us spend as much time and money as possible once we are inside. Fortunately, you can reduce your grocery bill without compromising on the quality of your food.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Here is an infographic of useful tips to choose an engagement ring which features a checklist of all the important questions a fiancé has to answer. These 11 steps are detailed to help any man choose the right design, gold color, and stone for his future wife.

How Many Mobile Phones Are Sold Each Year?

2021 saw global mobile phone sales reaching 1747.8 million units sold, which means 22.2% of the global population (7870 million) purchased a mobile phone in 2021. In this infographic, discover how many mobile phones are sold each year, globally. You can also discover phone sales statistics by country and brand.

Cybersecurity in the E-commerce/Payments Industry

When it comes to the retail industry, e-commerce continuously dominate. The coronavirus pandemic has led to its surge as shoppers purchase online instead of going in-store. However, the influx of online shoppers makes it a great target to swindle money and commit illicit acts. While cybercriminals attack various industries like finance, healthcare, construction, and energy, the nature of e-commerce makes it more susceptible to cyberattacks.

Do Your Shoppers Want a Digital Conversation?

Do you remember what it was like to go grocery shopping before the pandemic? RSA America recently did a survey that found that most people feel that grocery shopping will never be the same. What does that mean for independent grocers? What are the best ways to convince shoppers to remain loyal to their grocers when the internet makes proximity less of a selling point?

US Social Commerce Habits in 2022

The survey data presented in this report was collected from 1,000 users based in the US who submitted an online survey in December 2021. The Influencer Marketing Factory’s goal was to understand their preferences when it comes to online shopping behavior and preferences, live stream and overall if and how they shop on social media.

How Much Does an Acoustic Guitar Cost?

If you’re planning on buying an acoustic guitar or upgrading your old one, you’ll definitely be wondering how much you have to spend to get a decent one. A good quality guitar certainly doesn’t come cheap. It’s better if you make a plan beforehand based on your skills and budget. That way you’ll have a clear understanding of what guitar you should get and what to avoid.

How Much Does an Electric Guitar Cost?

How much does an electric guitar cost? That’s the first question you’re going to think about when searching for a guitar to buy. There are thousands of options to choose from as they can range from cheap guitars under $200 to professional guitars over $10,000. Most people get overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types and choices available on the market.

A Guide To Selecting the Best Prescription Lenses for Your Needs

According to statistics from recent years, almost 75% of the adult population of the world needs some kind of corrective eyewear in order to properly see. From reading glasses to goggle worn while playing sports, there are many reasons why you might need to wear such an accessory. Marveloptics has put together the following visual guide to selecting the best prescription lenses for your needs.