How Much Does an Acoustic Guitar Cost?

If you’re planning on buying an acoustic guitar or upgrading your old one, you’ll definitely be wondering how much you have to spend to get a decent one. A good quality guitar certainly doesn’t come cheap. It’s better if you make a plan beforehand based on your skills and budget. That way you’ll have a clear understanding of what guitar you should get and what to avoid.

How Much Does an Electric Guitar Cost?

How much does an electric guitar cost? That’s the first question you’re going to think about when searching for a guitar to buy. There are thousands of options to choose from as they can range from cheap guitars under $200 to professional guitars over $10,000. Most people get overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types and choices available on the market.

A Guide To Selecting the Best Prescription Lenses for Your Needs

According to statistics from recent years, almost 75% of the adult population of the world needs some kind of corrective eyewear in order to properly see. From reading glasses to goggle worn while playing sports, there are many reasons why you might need to wear such an accessory. Marveloptics has put together the following visual guide to selecting the best prescription lenses for your needs.

The 2021 Global Ecommerce Security Report

In 2020, as the global ecommerce industry witnessed a decade’s worth of growth in a matter of months, so did the threat of cyber-attacks on storefronts. Webscale reached out to 1,572 ecommerce professionals, both merchants and developers to understand how they fared security-wise during 2020, what gaps they identified, and where they plan to focus and invest in 2021.

Gen Z and Millennials Social Commerce Habits

The Influencer Marketing Factory completed a survey where they studied the U.S. market to date over the emerging trend of social commerce. The survey focused on Gen Z and Millennial shoppers, understanding their preferences when it comes to social media, shopping, and their overall consumer behavior.

Re-Examining The Retail Industry

Here is an infographic from Re-Examining Retail that outlines in-depth detail about an analysis of the retail industry and what consumers could expect in 2021. It shows statistics from a survey report of 300 consumers about their use of online retail and how they experienced online customer service.

Millennials and the Future of eCommerce Retail

With a lifetime online shopping value of 10 trillion U.S. Dollars, Millennials are in the focus of the eCommerce business. They’re the age group between 18 and 34, and total digital thinking drives them. Forty-eight percent of this group are constantly available online. They’re tech-savvy, and they know how to use the internet to meet their needs and lifestyle.

Augmented Reality Shopping of the Future

If 3D assets are blended together in your real environment, it is call it augmented reality. This virtual experience can be perceived via your smartphone by unique installations at your favorite store, or with smart glasses. The enriched reality is pushing shopping to the next level of interactive customer journey. In this infographic, GO-Globe looks at augmented reality shopping of the future.