History Of Sales

People have been selling items in exchange for currency since 200 B.C. when the Roman Empire first introduced currency to the world. It nicely demonstrates how sales have evolved from direct sales all the way to mobile commerce. It’s nice to see how sales have evolved throughout the years. Although some sales techniques are slowly going away, we are seeing the rise of others like mobile commerce. I’m pretty sure we all have bought from at least one of these selling techniques and will continue to buy more.

Shopping Streets Around the World

If you are running out of ides for that special person this Christmas, TravelSupermarket’s infographic could be just what you need! With fashion tips from Scarlettlondon.com, they offer a quick guide to some of the most famous shopping streets around the world. Use this information to help you to decide where to go on that last minute shopping trip.

A Guide to Unique Baby Gifts Based on Parenting Styles

Ever noticed how whenever you’re shopping for a friend or a relative’s newborn baby, you always keep the parent’s lifestyle in mind? That’s because we know how vital they are to their children’s lives and we want to help them as best as we can during this stage of their family’s life. Whether you know people who are new to the parenting world or couples who are already experienced in raising a bunch of kids, this infographic can definitely help you find the perfect presents to give to their young ones.

The Growth of UK Online Spending

For many of us, the days of stepping out onto the cold, busy streets on a festive evening in order to go to shops to buy Christmas presents is long gone. In the age of superfast broadband, why put yourself through the hustle and bustle of late night shopping and weekend madness to get your Yuletide gifts? All the shops you could possibly need are at your fingertips in an instant!

Your Guide to Secret Santa

This infographic takes you through the origin of Secret Santa, a tradition that has slowly become one of the most popular and economical way of purchasing Christmas gifts, especially when it comes to the work place. Included is a list of gift suggestions to help out when you draw one of those hard-to-buy for characters from the office.

The Cost of 12 Days of Christmas

It’s that time of year again, when everyone balances their purses against presents. According to the traditional Christmas song however, some lucky person might just get 364 presents, providing their ‘true love’ has $25,341.18 to spare! Whilst the drummers, pipers, lords and ladies would be perfect additions to most parties what do you do with the milking maids?

Cyber Monday in Perspective

Cyber Monday 2012 was the largest single day of online sales in history, coming in at $1.98 Billion according to Adobe’s Digital Index. In fact if you combine the online sales of Cyber Monday with those from Black Friday 2012 you get an immense $3.28 Billion or more than the annual profit of Coca-Cola, CBS, JC Penny, Radio Shack, Southwest Airlines, Xerox and Petsmart – COMBINED!

Christmas Spending by the Numbers

The holidays are here, and many Americans have already started their Christmas shopping. How much are we expected to spend on Christmas cards, gifts, and decorations this year? Kremp Flowers takes a peek in the following infographic.

How NOT to Get Regifted

Daily Grommet gives us some goof-proof gift ideas cover every personality type on your list. Take out the guess-work of finding that “perfect” gift this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping Online Trends

The following is a visual depiction of anticipated holiday shopping via the internet for the 2012 holiday season. The infographic Velaro by shows shopping trends based on age, gender, geography, and annual income.