The Most Popular High School Sports in Each State

For many students, sports play a large part in the high school experience. While the number of students who play sports in high school declined slightly in the 2018-19 school year, there were still 7,937,491 participants; sports are still a very popular extracurricular activity for students around the country. Which high school sports are most popular in America? examined the most popular high school sports for boys and girls around the country to determine the top sports in each state.

History of eSports Development

In 2019, the total eSports audience worldwide exceeded one billion people. The e-sports audience in the past year alone has grown one and a half times. This is incredible taking into account the fact that not so long ago, electronic sports was represented by a relatively small number of gamers and development companies with ambitious marketing plans regarding video games. 

Kayaking Safety Tips

Staying safe while you’re kayaking means preparing ahead of time. You can use these simple guidelines, compiled by Seaside Planet, to ensure you’re making smart decisions before you hit the water.

How To Avoid Getting Injured While Golfing

Many Canadians are unaware that golf is the most popular sport in Canada. However, the love of golf can also lead to many potential injuries. In fact, 35% of Canadian injuries are sport related. With a few basic stretching and warm-up exercises, you can reduce your risk for injuries.

A Look at the Strategies and Tactics of Rugby

The game of rugby involves more than simply running up and down a field; it involves numerous tactics and strategies a team needs to utilize in order to win the game. Some of the main tactics include using the blindside during a scrum or breakdown, playing the middle of the field, having the tallest players in specific positions, and making fast plays. Before playing a game of rugby, take time to research and develop tactics and strategies specific to your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

The 5-Point Guide to the Perfect Campsite Setup

One of the most essential parts of a camping trip is your comfort – at least it is for me! The level of comfort is often determined by how you set up your campsite. Here is a 5 step guide to setting up the perfect campsite. Apply these practical tips you’ll secure a safe, fun, and comfortable camping experience.

Comparison of Football, Rugby, and Soccer

While football, rugby, and soccer are all sports, they each have rules and regulations specific to them. When playing sports, it’s important to know the specifications of each sport so you can play to the best of your ability. This infographic by Rhino presents the different rules and variations between football, rugby, and soccer.