Career Advantage: Patriots Fans vs. Giants Fans

Whichever team comes out as Superbowl champions between the Giants and the Patriots, it will be a big payday for the winning team’s players. But, what about their fans? PayScale’s career scoring system shows one team’s supporters scoring better incomes, a higher quality of life and more employment opportunities in this infographic entitled “Fan Face-Off XLVI.”

College Bowl Games: How Much of a Big (Money) Deal Are They?

The holidays are a time of food, family, gifts, celebrations… and college football. These games are a great source of entertainment but in all reality they’re more than that: they’re also big money. In this infographic, we take a look at some of the stats of this season’s biggest games to get a glimpse at just how big of a deal bowl season is.

Which are the Greatest Sports Fans in America?

Who are the best sports fans in America? It’s a good question. Wherever you live, you probably think that your city is the most passionate, has the loudest crowds, and deserve the title of America’s greatest sports fans. This infographic looks into it and displays some facts and figures that reveal who really are the craziest, most sports-demented lunatic fans in North America!