5 Tactics For Rut Hunting Success

As temperatures continue to fall, and the leaves begin changing in color, excitement builds for the wealth of bow hunting opportunity to follow in the weeks to come. The whitetail rut will be kicking into full gear within the next two weeks, bringing with it some of the best hunting of the season. In this infographic, discover 5 tactics to help you make the most out of your rut hunting.

NFL Quarterbacks Ranked by Playoff Performance

Which quarterback has had the best playoff performance of all time? Does playoff performance dictate who’s the best quarterback in the NFL? From playoff wins to passing yards and interceptions, there’s much to consider when looking at NFL playoff records. This infographic looks at the NFL Quarterback Playoff Performance Index in order to determine which quarterback had the best showing in playoff games.

Top 10 Hunter-Friendly States by Population Percentage

We humans have been hunters by nature, pretty much throughout our entire history on Planet Earth. And even though many of us no longer need to hunt in order to put food on our tables, there are still plenty of people who are passionate about hunting. In the following infographic from Carport Central, discover the most hunter-friendly U.S. states.

The Most Popular High School Sports in Each State

For many students, sports play a large part in the high school experience. While the number of students who play sports in high school declined slightly in the 2018-19 school year, there were still 7,937,491 participants; sports are still a very popular extracurricular activity for students around the country. Which high school sports are most popular in America? AAAStateofPlay.com examined the most popular high school sports for boys and girls around the country to determine the top sports in each state.

History of eSports Development

In 2019, the total eSports audience worldwide exceeded one billion people. The e-sports audience in the past year alone has grown one and a half times. This is incredible taking into account the fact that not so long ago, electronic sports was represented by a relatively small number of gamers and development companies with ambitious marketing plans regarding video games. 

Kayaking Safety Tips

Staying safe while you’re kayaking means preparing ahead of time. You can use these simple guidelines, compiled by Seaside Planet, to ensure you’re making smart decisions before you hit the water.