Evolution of Mobile Apps

In this world, everything frequently goes under the process of evolution, be it a gadget or a software. Similarly ‘mobile apps’ have been evolving for years. These apps have made everything just a tap away. The following Infographic looks at the evolution of the mobile apps.

How To Find Your Stolen or Lost Android Phone

You know the dreaded feeling when you mis-place your mobile phone, or even worse… it is stolen!  It is a matter of anxiety if happens to you but what can you do to increase your chances of actually finding your phone? In the following infographic, Redbytes discusses how you can retrieve a phone that has been lost or misplaced.

Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain is the centralized ledger of all transactions across a peer to peer network. This infographic from Fullestop portrays the vital role of Blockchain Technology with respect to businesses and its essence in the monetary world today.

The Importance of Data Backup

Backing up your computer’s data is vital for security purposes.  By backing up your data, you are protecting yourself from loss of access and hardware errors. Everything on your computer does not need to be backed up, but your photos, videos, documents, and monetary information should be backed up. The following infographic looks at the importance of data backup.

Life After AI: Will The Future Be Free?

Consider that by 2025, the number of robots in the U.S. could quadruple and that on average, 1 robot does the work of 5.6 people. Are robots going to rescue us from overwork or will they take our jobs and leave us in dystopia? Learn more about life after AI in this infographic.

How Blockchain Will Rebuild The World

Blockchain has a lot of potential applications that are just now starting to be discovered.In fact, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), Artifical Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT), Edge Services, Cryptography, and Data-in-Motion Security can be combined in inventive and creative ways that lead to previously unimaginable solutions to complex issues that empower people and contribute to a better world.

Blockchain’s Impact In Art

Art might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of blockchain, but the art world is a surprising dark horse in the blockchain race. In fact, blockchain technology can prevent art theft, but that’s not the only contribution it is making to the art world. Learn more about art on the blockchain in this infographic.