VMworld Through the Years Tour 2004-2019

VMworld is the premiere virtualization and cloud computing event held every year by VMware going back to 2004 when it kicked things off in San Diego. In 2019, the show returns to San Francisco after a three year run in Las Vegas. Come along as VMblog takes you on a tour of VMworld through the years, rock and roll style.

Can AI Think Ethically?

By 2050, AI influenced driverless cars and mobility-as-a-service will grow to $7 trillion worldwide. The problem with expecting AI to think ethically is that it is programmed with human bias baked right in. Learn more about eliminating human bias from AI courtesy of this infographic.

How To Stop Your Smart Devices From Listening To You

Are you worried about your smart devices eavesdropping on you and recording your private conversations? Do you not want Google, Apple, and other major company employees to have access to your recordings? Follow these ways to stop Alexa, Google Assistant, your smart video doorbell, and cell phone from recording you.

4 Practical Applications for Blockchain Technology

The uses and actual applications of blockchain technology are not restricted to the cryptocurrency industry, or any particular trade for that matter. Decentralized blockchain systems can transform how people do business in a whole lot of ways. In this infographic, discover four practical blockchain applications available for other industries.

The Future of Wearables

Although previously wearables faced much skepticism, the technology has reached dramatic heights in recent years. Experts expect wearables to rock the world, transforming every industry. So what is the future of wearable technology and how it can change the face of healthcare industry?

Google – King of Disruptive Technology

There are many kinds of disruptive technologies, such as the low-end and the high-end disruptions. The low-end disruptions many times, pave the path for high-end disruptions. This infographic presents the journey of Google with all the disruptive technologies, its top innovations which gained popularity among the users, the upcoming projects which can be the game-changer and has the power to change the world.

WordPress Continues To Take Over The Internet

What makes WordPress so popular? To put it simply, it’s the platform’s versatility, owed largely to its plugin ecosystem. WordPress allows you to build any type of website you could possibly envision. A blog, an art portfolio, a digital storefront — if you want to create it, there’s a plugin and theme that will make that possible. If you want to learn more about WordPress’s market leadership and see more unbelievable statistics like those above, check out the following infographic.

The Future of IoT: Welcome to the Brave New World

The brave new technological world we’ve been promised has arrived and it’s smart, filled with “things”, an Internet of things. The future of IoT looks very promising. Internet-connected things already have a huge impact on our lives, homes, the cities we live in, how we work, or travel.

Drone Safety

Have you noticed how many drones are in the sky these days? The unmanned aerial vehicles were originally used in the military, but technology advancements have expanded their use into the professional and commercial world.  While drones are becoming more and more popular, the possibility for a catastrophic accident or injury also increases. Creative Safety Supply designed this helpful infographic to cover the basics of drone safety