Data Science vs Computer Science vs Data Analytics

With the rapid development of the technology sector, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with all the niches and stay current on their advancements. Of the many fields that are responsible for the increasing buzz in the sector, Data Science, Computer Science, and Data Analytics are three critical domains that spearhead the revolution in technology. Where do these domains fit in? How do they differ from each other? How would you launch your career in them?

Key Benefits of Backup Software

The most significant benefit of data backup and recovery services is increased reliability. Remote backup is done in different ways. Some update daily while others have scheduled time for updating. This backup is done on the internet and allows you to recover the files you want any time. In the following infographic, look at the key benefits of backup software.

Software Development Cycle

In the following infographic, discover the cycle of custom software development that a company like Develux can offer, where each stage represents a thorough performance and responsible attitude to developing a product.

Teens’ Privacy in Digital Age

Parents are always worried, and they want to keep them safe and protect them from any evil side of digital media and devices. The excessive use of the internet and social media leads to some serious issues for online predators. Further, they don’t believe in online privacy and put themselves at a risk. Here is an infographic how to protect teen’s privacy online.

The Future of Networking

The pandemic has given all of us a taste of what it means to be fully distributed and work from home. We now need a secure network to allow for effective remote work. Check out the future of networking in the following infographic from Ananda Networks for more.

Understanding the Different Levels of Automation

AI is becoming more advanced each coming year, as  robotics are improving and factories around the world are becoming increasingly more integrated. With all these industrial advancements constantly in motion, understanding the Levels of Automation is an integral first step for any job within the automation sector. The following infographic looks at the different levels of automation in more detail.

How to Pick the Best WordPress Hosting

Not all website hosting providers are created equal.  Many websites run WordPress and speed is such an important factor in the pandemic world we live in.  Check out this visual deep dive on how to pick the best WordPress hosting provider: