The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcut in macOS

Each macOS user spends a lot of time in the Finder application as the main file management tool. So it will not be superfluous to master some important tricks, thanks to which you will be able to achieve maximum productivity and spend less time on performing certain tasks. The folks at OSX Tips have put together the following infographic of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in macOS.

20 Fascinating Google Facts & Stats

Here is an infographic from the folks at VizionOnline in London that provides 20 interesting facts about the world’s most popular search engine, Google. View facts such as how much of the search engine market Google accounts for, where the term Google comes from and the amount of searches on Google per second.

The Ins and Outs of Radio Frequencies

A radio frequency is a type of electromagnetic energy. They are used in every day life such as radios, microwave ovens, television, GPS, and cell phones. However,  a lot of people do not understand how they work. WindFreak Technologies has created the infographic highlighting everything to know about radio frequencies.

Drones: An Insight Into The Future

Drones are an effective commercial tool with applications in many sectors, especially construction. There are many benefits to using drones which range from on-site safety to a level of project monitoring which wasn’t previously possible. TRIK drone building...

Role of IOT in the ERP Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) will create more enhancements in the enterprise resource planning system. Machine interaction opens up many opportunities in the business management sector. As ERP tools are closely related with the business management operations, IoT will play a futuristic role in the business development procedures such as operation enhancement, finding precise locations, speed up the productivity, and better analytics capability.