Space Mining: The Future of Humanity

Earth’s natural resources are disappearing fast and the idea of going into space to mine for these precious resources is looking more feasible each and every day. Mining in space could give us important materials, help our planet, start new types of businesses, and create new jobs. What resources can be mined on asteroids and even our Moon?

An Hitchhikers Guide to Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing has become essential for businesses whose primary product is a mobile application, whether native or hybrid. Proper mobile app testing is crucial to alleviating the challenges of poor app performance. Unfortunately, not every app maintains a permanent place on users’ smartphones. The following infographic serves as a “hitchhikersgGuide to mobile app testing.”

The Robot Revolution

There is a growing wave of transformation that is present across the economic landscape. Automation, which is being driven by developments in robotics and artificial intelligence, is altering sectors, reinventing the dynamics of the workforce, and posing important issues about our future. Here is an infographic that provides a data-driven examination of the worldwide reach and multifaceted ramifications of this phenomenon.

What Is a Theodolite?

A theodolite is an optical instrument that can measure angles between any predetermined points along a horizontal and vertical plane. It has been traditionally used for land surveying, but it has also been used for the construction of buildings and infrastructure as well as for other more specialized applications (such as meteorology and rocket launching). Learn more about theodolites in the following infographic.