Data Theft: Protecting Your Data From Physical Theft

Accident loss and device theft are the biggest physical threats to your data. In 2018, credit and debit card fraud resulted in losses of nearly $28 billion. As data security grows more advanced, so do scammers. Computer Science Degree Hub explains how you can protect yourself from fraud and counterfeit in the infographic below.

What is an eSIM? How Do I Use It?

Look at the latest mobile, tablet and wearable releases and you’ll find one thing in common: eSIM functionality. From the latest iPhone 11 to the S20 series released by Samsung, it seems all the major manufacturers are now jumping on this rapidly developing technology. But what is eSIM? How can you make use of it in your new smart phone or smart watch?

Why & How to Get Rid of Useless Apps

Today there are so many amazing apps that it is quite easy to get confused about which ones you really need. Unscrupulous developers are trying to make you download their software that not only brings you no good but also makes your device work less efficiently. In this infographic, Apppearl looks at the why and how to get rid of useless apps.

React Vs Angular Vs Vue

In the following infographic, Bacancy Technology has put together a visual comparison between most popular front-end frameworks React, Angular, and Vue, based on performance, popularity, learning curve, community, flexibility & size.

Top Technology Trends for 2020 in Numbers

With investments showing in from all directions for the implementation of technology in businesses, now is the right time for your business to leverage technology’s complete potential. To get a better idea about what technologies are trending and which ones you should prefer, here is the infographic which showcases the most trending technology in 2020 which helps to flourish your business.

How Much Do You Know About Data Security?

The team at USB Makers recently conducted a study whereby they asked business professionals and owners how much they knew about their data and its security. What they found was that most of the general population are worried about their personal or financial data being hacked, 65% in fact, and yet 78% are not worried about a data breach within their business.