An Industry Comparison of Metrology

Metrology is the study of measurements, and it is used in a variety of different industries including engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. In this infographic, courtesy of Metrology Parts, learn about how metrology is used across a multitude of different industries.

What Should You Know About Technical Specifications Of Projectors?

Before buying a projector, one should have a basic understanding on how projectors work. Having an understanding of technical specifications related to projectors such as color and white brightness, contrast ratio, aspect ration, and keystone correction, will help in selecting the right projector for your specific application. The Genius Review has put together the following guide to help you to decide which projector to select for your home cinema.

Is Nanotechnology The Future of Medicine

Ingestible capsules containing sensors, cameras, and more are already changing the face of medicine. Can nanotechnology take us to new levels of medical intervention? Learn more about the future of medicine with nanotech courtesy of this infographic from Best Health Degrees.

Do’s and Don’ts of PCI Data Storage

The payment card industry is no stranger to cyber criminals. That’s why there are strict standards on storing data, including restricting the storage of certain types of data. With the ever-evolving PCI-DSS mandates it is important for business owners and payment software developers to know their responsibilities and risk to protect cardholder data and keep their businesses competitive.

Biomimicry: Technology Inspired by Nature

The solutions nature have come up with to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing environment are so complex and so well thought out, that they’re inspiring new technologies. Check out this infographic to see the nature inspired innovations that will affect our everyday lives in the near future.

All About Coordinate Measuring Machines

Coordinate measuring machines are used for a variety of purposes and benefit multiple industries. The components of measuring machines are the machine, measuring probe, and system with measuring software, and a coordinate measuring machine offers exact measurements of objects to assist in design, testing, calculation, and reverse engineering of parts. In this infographic, learn all about Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Boost Your Productivity With Multiple Screens

Some studies show that adding a 2nd computer monitor could boost your work output by 20 to 30%. With multiple monitors, you can see all the information you need in front of you at once, instead of clicking around or hitting awkward keyboard shortcut combinations to find what you need. But don’t expect an automatic productivity boost just by hooking up another monitor — it all depends on how you use it.

AI: From Science Fiction To Reality

Science fiction shows us what the future could be, good or bad. Sometimes those predictions come to reality, as has happened with several artificial intelligence inventions over the last decade. Learn more about when Sci-fi becomes reality in this infographic.

Should You Move Your Law Firm to the Cloud?

As cloud technology evolves, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of lawyers using a cloud platform. 24-hour access, security, and Increased productivity are some of the few reasons why law firms gain access to the cloud. This infographic highlights the importance of cloud computing for a law firm and provides statistics that explain the role of cloud computing in different areas of the legal industry.