Choosing a Test Automation Tool: A Complete Guide

Testing is one of the most critical processes in the software development cycle, serving as a bridge between the development teams and the production. Testing helps ensure that the final user experience is as smooth as was initially intended when the software was conceptualized. Here is a visual guide to choosing a test automation tool.

Why is Live Video So Powerful?

What exactly is it about live video that consumers love so much? Perhaps it is the aspect of showing the genuine, real rawness of the people that are behind the brands. Learn more on why you should embrace live video in your business in the following visual deep dive.

Creating the Forklift of the Future

The forklift is a long-standing symbol of the warehousing and now forklifts are being digitalized to create the smart forklift of the future. To do this, the forklift has been newly equipped with multiple IoT sensors for automatic identification, asset tracking, and geolocation using real-time location system (RTLS) sensors.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have become technologies to bring dreams into digital reality The following infographic from is a depiction of what is taking place around the world, explaining the emergence of artificial intelligence vs. machine learning usage. 

What the Semiconductor Chip Shortage Means for Electronic Manufacturing

Semiconductor chips are in everyday items from the phones in our hands to the cars that we drive. The loss of current components and longer lead times have resulted in a slower pace to get manufactured goods to market. This infographic outlines how the semiconductor chip shortage affects current electronic manufacturing services manufacturers and their customers.

Android Not Making Or Receiving Calls

If you’re an Android user, you may have experienced the problem with your phone not being able to make or receive calls. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you rely on your phone for work or emergency purposes. Here is a visual that provides more details on what to do when your Android device has these issues.

A Guide on Responding to Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the biggest cyber threats any organization could encounter, especially since most of them keep records of their customers’ sensitive data. In fact, 2021 saw 4,145 publicly disclosed cases of data breaches, resulting in over 22 billion records being exposed. Here is a visual guide on responding to data breaches.

Knowledge, Possession, and Inherence: A Guide to Authentication Factors

With today’s sophisticated technology come new and inventive ways for fraudsters to access databases. A 45 percent rise over 2019 saw 4.8 million allegations of fraud, identity theft, and other cyber risks submitted to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Consumer Sentinel Network. Q5id has put together the following infographic which is a guide to authentication factors.

The Increase in Solar Panel Efficiency Over Time

Solar panel efficiency has grown quite a bit since the very first solar cells were created back in the 1880s. Back then, the solar cell efficiency was less than 1%, but today scientists are creating high-efficiency solar panels that can reach almost 50% efficiency. SolarPower.Guide has put together a timeline of solar cell technology and how far it has come since the 1800’s.

What is an NFT?

Here is an infographic from NFT Dawn that answers the question, “What is an NFT?” It describes what they are, when non-fungible-tokens where created, what they are used for, why are NFTs important, how to buy NFTs, and whether they are safe.