How Do Australians Break Their Smartphone

It’s no secret that most Australians are addicted to their smartphones or tablets and with research indicating mobile phone usage at 18 million users at the end of 2016, it’s not surprising so many devices meet an untimely end due to damage. But how and where? The following infographic reveals the results of an Australian Smartphone Damage Survey on the funny and whacky ways Australians have broken their smartphones.

Digital Photography 101

Are you excited about digital photography but not sure where to begin? This handy guide from covers everything digital photography 101 including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation and more.

Creating the First Mobile App For Your Business

If you’ve made up your mind about creating an app for your business, then the next step is to dive into the actual process of building the app. If the multitude of steps involved is overwhelming you, Moveo Apps has created the following all-inclusive infographic designed to take you through every step of development, deployment and marketing of your app.

Keep Your Data Safe With Machine Learning

See how Microsoft uses advanced analytics—processing more than 450 billion authentications per month, scanning 400 billion emails for malware and phishing, and updating one billion devices—to deliver richer insights. These insights can help your organisation detect and respond to attacks quickly.

Amazon Echo Vs Google Home Faceoff

In the following infographic, see a comparison of the two leading smart speakers on the market, the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. The Amazon Echo was the first to hit the market, but the Google Home is gaining ground. Hopefully the infographic will help you decide which is the best one to buy.

Bridging the Software Skills Gap

With technology continuing to develop at a head-spinning pace, companies are finding themselves in need of more tech workers to secure their data, build and maintain their websites and so much more. Unfortunately, the number of applicants isn’t even coming close to the number of available tech jobs. So what’s the deal with this software skills gap?

The Landscape of Code

Programmers are like linguists, studying foreign languages and reaching varying degrees of fluency. Let’s traverse the coding landscape to learn more about some of the most popular programming languages and types of code being used today.