The Phone Repair Revolution

Phone repair is a legitimate way to keep current with your smartphone without breaking the bank. Learn more about the $4 billion phone repair economy in the infographic, courtesy of uBreakiFix.

Differences Between UCaaS and CPaaS

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) are cloud-based communication systems that provide a variety of benefits and services to businesses of all sizes. In this infographic, Acefone takes a closer look at UCaaS and CPaaS and how they compare and contrast.

The Evolution of Printing

Printing technology along with printers have come a long way over the centuries. From tablets used by the Egyptians to modern day 3D printers and inkjet printing, Red River Paper explore the advancements in the following infographic.

Cyber Security & Remote Work

It’s time to secure the remote workforce of the future. Take a look at how MFA isn’t enough and it’s time for passwordless security in the following infographic, courtesy of Beyond Identity,

Data Science vs Computer Science vs Data Analytics

With the rapid development of the technology sector, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with all the niches and stay current on their advancements. Of the many fields that are responsible for the increasing buzz in the sector, Data Science, Computer Science, and Data Analytics are three critical domains that spearhead the revolution in technology. Where do these domains fit in? How do they differ from each other? How would you launch your career in them?

Key Benefits of Backup Software

The most significant benefit of data backup and recovery services is increased reliability. Remote backup is done in different ways. Some update daily while others have scheduled time for updating. This backup is done on the internet and allows you to recover the files you want any time. In the following infographic, look at the key benefits of backup software.

Software Development Cycle

In the following infographic, discover the cycle of custom software development that a company like Develux can offer, where each stage represents a thorough performance and responsible attitude to developing a product.