The Art and Science of Analytics

Chances are, you aren’t utilizing most of the data available in your organization. Learn how to become a data-driven organization and embrace Google Analytics 360 in the following infographic, courtesy of InfoTrust.

OpenCV Computer Vision Library – Implementation in Smart Homes

OpenCV gives developers a free hand to create computer vision applications by offering a variety of tools and algorithms. The team at Integra Source recounted the OpenCV library and its implementation in IoT home automation in one of their latest articles. The infographic below provides the library’s highlights, including its elements, functions, purposes, and application areas.

What is a BESS?

A BESS is an energy storage system (ESS) that captures energy from different sources and stores it in rechargeable batteries for later use. Why is BESS needed and what problems can it solve? Get the answers in the following infographic.

How Safe Are Your Emails?

Email is the critical lifeblood of any modern business – but how safe are you from phishing and cyber attacks? In this infographic, courtesy of Avanan, learn how to protect yourself and your email from malicious attacks.

What is Cyber Insurance?

It seems like every day, cyber attacks and ransomware attacks are making news headlines. Can cyber insurance be the answer? Let’s explore the benefits and limitations in the following infographic, courtesy of Clearsurance.

How Much the Most Iconic Technology in History Would Cost Today

There have been many gadgets and technological devices created through the years that could be classified as iconic. From the original Victrola phonograph of 1906 to the comically large Motorola DynaTAC 8000x cellular phone of 1984, these early technologies shaped the new tech gadgets of today. The HP research team looked at some of the most influential technologies in history and researched how much they would cost in today’s dollars.

The Phone Repair Revolution

Phone repair is a legitimate way to keep current with your smartphone without breaking the bank. Learn more about the $4 billion phone repair economy in the infographic, courtesy of uBreakiFix.

Differences Between UCaaS and CPaaS

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) are cloud-based communication systems that provide a variety of benefits and services to businesses of all sizes. In this infographic, Acefone takes a closer look at UCaaS and CPaaS and how they compare and contrast.

The Evolution of Printing

Printing technology along with printers have come a long way over the centuries. From tablets used by the Egyptians to modern day 3D printers and inkjet printing, Red River Paper explore the advancements in the following infographic.