Teens’ Privacy in Digital Age

Parents are always worried, and they want to keep them safe and protect them from any evil side of digital media and devices. The excessive use of the internet and social media leads to some serious issues for online predators. Further, they don’t believe in online privacy and put themselves at a risk. Here is an infographic how to protect teen’s privacy online.

The Future of Networking

The pandemic has given all of us a taste of what it means to be fully distributed and work from home. We now need a secure network to allow for effective remote work. Check out the future of networking in the following infographic from Ananda Networks for more.

Understanding the Different Levels of Automation

AI is becoming more advanced each coming year, as  robotics are improving and factories around the world are becoming increasingly more integrated. With all these industrial advancements constantly in motion, understanding the Levels of Automation is an integral first step for any job within the automation sector. The following infographic looks at the different levels of automation in more detail.

How to Pick the Best WordPress Hosting

Not all website hosting providers are created equal.  Many websites run WordPress and speed is such an important factor in the pandemic world we live in.  Check out this visual deep dive on how to pick the best WordPress hosting provider.

Ten Software Development Trends for 2020-2021

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted all industries and spheres, including software development. Some new software development trends have been formulated under the influence of new circumstances, for example, the prevailing remote work or increased digitization of businesses. This infographic depicts the top ten software development trends we are going to see in 2021, based on detailed statistics.

Progressive Web Apps: The Superpower You Need to Embrace

Nowadays, customers want it all: they expect a hyper-personalized, engaging and fast web experience anywhere they go. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have disrupted the mobile app model by bringing native app functionality to the web. PWAs are a critical factor in website success. Here’s a breakdown of why embracing PWAs pays off and how it can help your business.

Mobile App Development

Here is an infographic from AndroidDevelopers.co that lays out a basic knowledge about app development. It looks at the different types of Apps, what are the different component and factors that influence the cost and more. [Click here for full size...

Mobile App Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

Whether you are a developer, an app owner, or a marketer, being up to date on the key app stats from the intriguing world of web applications is essential to make sure your own app or future app aligns with what your target audience wants and expects from the mobile apps of the future.

Why You Need to Change Your Approach to Hyper-V Data Protection

Businesses around the world continue to invest in virtualization technologies as they help ensure IT efficiency, increase infrastructure uptime and availability, and cut operational costs. This infographic discusses Microsoft Hyper-V and its unique data protection challenges and how businesses can overcome them with NAKIVO Backup & Replication.