Pegasus Spyware 101 and How to Protect Your Information

Over the summer, spyware known as Pegasus made global news when it infected thousands of phones internationally. The targets included journalists, activists and politicians. Consequently, thousands of phone numbers were leaked. In the following infographic, looks at Pegasus Spyware and how to protect your information.

UCaaS vs. VoIP: Which is Better for Your Firm?

You may be searching for a new business phone system, and when you Google “business phone systems,” the millions of various results for terms like “UCaaS,” “VoIP,” and “Cloud Communications” might confuse you. How can you tell the difference between these solutions and which is best for your company? Acefone clarifies the differences between UCaaS and VoIP in the following infographic.

App Development Cost Guide

Mobile app development cost can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? Which features make the app development cost go up and how do you find the right vendor to save on the service provider charges? DOIT Software has put together the following app development cost guide.

Holiday Tech Shortages

Given the chip shortages, supply chain, and shipping issues, holiday shopping might look a lot different this year. The gift you want to give might be sitting in a drawer and you could give it new life by getting it fixed inexpensively by an expert. Learn more about holiday tech shortages in the infographic below, courtesy of uBreakiFix.

Stopping Ransomware Before it Starts

In today’s world, it appears that cyber attacks and ransomware is an eventuality for your business to have to deal with. But there’s hope! Learn how to you can be proactive in stopping ransomware in the following infographic, courtesy of Cyber Security Degrees.

Specifications of Personal Computers Over Time

The Kenbak-1 is generally regarded as the world’s first personal computer. Only 50 were ever built, and they cost $750 in 197. It had just 256 bytes of RAM, and while there was no true microprocessor, its processing speed was the equivalent of 1 megahertz. In comparison, the recent HP Pavilion All-in-One has 16 gigabytes of RAM and 20 gigahertz of processing speed. PC specs have certainly come a long way in the past 50 years.

Biometrics Authentication: Goodbye Passwords!

People have used passwords for authentication and security purposes for a long time and they have been inconvenient ever since. Fortunately, advances in security methods, particularly the emergence of biometrics technology, might replace the use of traditional passwords soon. Biometrics authentication refers to security processes that authenticate or verify an individual’s identity through unique biological traits such as fingerprint, facial characteristics, voices, and even retinas.

The Future IoT Holds for Telecom

In today’s telecom industry, the Internet of Things is helping telecoms expand their services and capabilities across a wide range of industries. It’s unleashing a strong combination of super-fast speed, higher bandwidth, reduced latency, and improved power efficiency which could drive billions of more connections in the coming years. In this infographic, discover how IoT solutions and services are taking root in the telecom business and what improvements they offer.

Humans and Tech to Stop Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day. To combat such cyber threats, you’ll need to strike the right balance of cyber security professionals and the technologies to support them. Learn how humans and tech work together to Stop ransomware in the following infographic.

The Art and Science of Analytics

Chances are, you aren’t utilizing most of the data available in your organization. Learn how to become a data-driven organization and embrace Google Analytics 360 in the following infographic, courtesy of InfoTrust.