Living in a Mobile World

Smartphone use is growing at a rapid pace, which is providing new opportunities for marketers to connect with target audiences, create user experiences, and ultimately build a base of loyal customers. Used properly, mobile has the power to transform your relationship with customers, and more importantly, their relationship with your brand. By following the guidelines in this infographic and implementing initiatives that strive to offer engagement at every possible avenue, companies can successfully gain traction in the mobile world we now live in.

Interxion Cloud Survey 2011

Cloud is a hot topic for many of today’s business and technology leaders. But for all the hype, how many companies are actually using cloud computing technology, or have definite plans to do so in the near future? Interxion conducted a Europe-wide survey of current and intended cloud usage and attitudes towards cloud computing that explores all these questions and has compiled the results in this infographic.

Android vs. iOS: How Secure Are They?

Android and iOS devices have become increasingly popular over the last few years, but have you ever wondered how secure they are? And is one more secure than the other? This new infographic by Veracode explains just what you can and can’t do with your Android or iOS device, and how secure your information really is.

The TouchPad Effect (Or, The Tale of the Zombie Tablet)

This Infographic takes a look at the this year’s saga that began once HP discontinued its TouchPad Tablet, drastically cutting its price to dump inventory. All of a sudden, the New Tablet was in demand and this brought about a series of events, which have been outlined in the Infographic below.

How Data Found the Cloud

150 years ago, the first transcontinental telegraph was sent, forever transforming how data was communicated. This shift away from physical delivery began the data revolution. Fast forward to 2011 and we now have applications, social networks, file sharing, teleconferencing, music, videos, customer data, and business insights – all hosted in the cloud.