How Much Do You Know About Data Security?

The team at USB Makers recently conducted a study whereby they asked business professionals and owners how much they knew about their data and its security. What they found was that most of the general population are worried about their personal or financial data being hacked, 65% in fact, and yet 78% are not worried about a data breach within their business.

Breaking Up Big Tech

In 2018, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google earned 68% of US GDP growth in combined revenues. 2 in 3 support the breakup of Big Tech, and Great Business Schools explains what we can do about it.

AI and the Future of Consumer Goods

The future of retail and consumer goods will be unlike anything ever seen. In fact, an estimated 95% of supply chain vendors will rely on AI by 2023. In the following infographic, describes the future of retail, specifically related to AI and consumer goods.

An Industry Comparison of Metrology

Metrology is the study of measurements, and it is used in a variety of different industries including engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. In this infographic, courtesy of Metrology Parts, learn about how metrology is used across a multitude of different industries.

What Should You Know About Technical Specifications Of Projectors?

Before buying a projector, one should have a basic understanding on how projectors work. Having an understanding of technical specifications related to projectors such as color and white brightness, contrast ratio, aspect ration, and keystone correction, will help in selecting the right projector for your specific application. The Genius Review has put together the following guide to help you to decide which projector to select for your home cinema.

Is Nanotechnology The Future of Medicine

Ingestible capsules containing sensors, cameras, and more are already changing the face of medicine. Can nanotechnology take us to new levels of medical intervention? Learn more about the future of medicine with nanotech courtesy of this infographic from Best Health Degrees.