Around the World in the Most Popular Cars

Why do car models have different names in different countries? A lot of it has to do with appealing to the car trends and fashions unique to each location. Here is an infographic that compares car trends and popularity around the world, and the different brand and model names that exist in each country.

Phantom Traffic Jams: An Urban Mystery Exposed

An accident, construction or someone simply pulled over on the side of the road can all cause traffic congestion, especially during rush hour as commuters try to get home. However, there isn’t always a clear cut reason for a backed up highway, and sometimes there seems to be no reason at all. This phenomenon is known as a phantom traffic jam, and its an urban mystery that plagues most of the nation.

8 Things You Should Do After A Car Accident

With car accidents, vehicles and hospitalizations can be covered by insurance but the amount of time you need to recover and fatalities won’t. It is best to follow proper traffic regulations, wear your seatbelt, and avoid texting or intoxication when driving. Still, accidents could still occur if another party would be responsible which means that keeping yourself safe does not only benefit you but others as well.

Motorcycle Accidents: Facts You Should Know

Though motorcycles make up just 3% of vehicles on the road, motorcyclists account for 14% of fatal accidents. Motorcycle safety is a big deal. The following infographic shows just how dangerous motorcycles can be when drivers aren’t careful. It takes all of us paying attention — cars, trucks, and motorcyclists all together — to make the roads safe.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Key Car Parts

While it can be tempting to avoid replacing certain key automobile parts in order to save money, records have shown that spending a little more money to keep your car in good shape could end up saving you from buying another car entirely. This infographic from Chevy Nation Parts explains some of the precautions you should take to ensure that the lifespan of your vehicle reaches its maximum potential.

Seasonal Guide for Car Maintenance

When you own a vehicle, maintenance tasks should be performed year-round. By taking care of your vehicle during each season, you will help it last longer and drive safer on the roadways. The following infographic, courtesy of Service First Automotive Centers, is a seasonal guide to proper car maintenance.

The Australian Commuting Survey

There will always be those who bounce out of bed each morning, eagerly awaiting the challenges and rewards that the new working day holds. But for many, the demands of their jobs are made all the more tiring and difficult thanks to a stressful work commute. The added pressure of the work commute, among several other findings, is at the center of the Australian Commuting Survey.

20 Key Facts You Should Know Before Driving

This infographic features the leading causes of fatal road crashes in the UK, including breaking the speed limit, drunk driving, not paying attention, careless or aggressive driving, and not wearing a seat belt. Many of these and the majority of reasons for road traffic accidents can be avoided with a bit more care and self-awareness when on the road.