The Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is the perfect blend of comfort, innovation, and performance. Ideal for families, but not your typical family car, the Octavia pairs sleek, sharp, harmonious design with an interior of pure comfort. Learn more about the Skoda Octavia in this infographic from Perth City Skoda.

A Visual Guide to the Record Breaking Global 7500 Private Jet

The Global 7500 has a world leading speed of 0.925 Mach, with a range of 14,260km enabling 17 hours of flight time. It is the largest private jet in the world, with a living space the equivalent to nearly three Rolls Royce phantoms. Here’s an infographic showing the industry leading performance capabilities of the Global 7500 and the luxurious cabin features travelers will experience on their flight.

Which Major Car Companies Were the Most & Least Profitable in 2020

With so many people at home and not out driving on the roads, how did the automobile industry fare during this time? And which car companies were more successful than others? The team at Alan’s Factory Outlet used data from Fortune’s Global 500 list to find how much the largest car companies earned in profits during 2020 as well as the ones that ended up not being profitable at all.

The 35 Cars With the Longest Production Runs of All Time

How many car models are there today? Dozens! Fourteen major global corporations control 60 major auto brands. Many of those auto brands have launched vehicles that have withstood the test of time, evolving with new technology and societal needs. This infographic explores the 35 car models with the longest production runs of all time.

How to Shop for Car Insurance Quotes Online

Are your car insurance premiums too high? Tired of spending too much of your hard-earned money on your car insurance bill every month? If so check out this infographic to learn how to better shop car insurance quotes online. The infographic will teach you when you should be getting new car insurance quotes and how to find the best price for your auto insurance premiums.

The 50 Cities Where You’re Most Likely to Get in an Automobile Accident

Anytime you’re driving in a car, there’s a small risk that you could get into an automobile accident, but is this risk higher in some cities around the country? When considering certain factors, some areas of the United States were found to have far worse drivers than others. In this infographic, AutomotiveTouchup mapped out the 50 U.S. cities where the likelihood of an automobile accident occurring is much higher than average.

The Longest (and Shortest) Interstate Highways Across the United States

The Interstate Highway System was created in 1956 to aid travel across the United States, assist with the transportation of goods throughout the country, and be used for emergency situations or quick troop deployment. The 77 interstate highways that make up the U.S. Interstate System cover thousands of miles. Learn which ones have the longest mileage and the shortest with this visual ranking.

25 Most Dangerous Highways in the United States

Here is an infographic with visual map that shows which interstates across the US are the most dangerous by calculating fatalities per mile. Florida’s I4 takes the top spot in this graphic with 1.134 deaths per mile. Interesting to note these accidents happen most commonly on Sunday from 12am to 1am, leading one to suggest driving under the influence may play a big role.

The Fastest Street-Legal Cars Ever Made by 40 Major Automakers

Here’s an infographic that ranks the fastest production cars from 40 major manufacturers based on their zero-to-60 acceleration speeds. Production vehicles are mass-produced identical models that are available for sale to the public and are able to be legally driven on public roads. While most of them are the latest models, there are a few gems from earlier generations that still reign supreme.