The Australian Commuting Survey

There will always be those who bounce out of bed each morning, eagerly awaiting the challenges and rewards that the new working day holds. But for many, the demands of their jobs are made all the more tiring and difficult thanks to a stressful work commute. The added pressure of the work commute, among several other findings, is at the center of the Australian Commuting Survey.

20 Key Facts You Should Know Before Driving

This infographic features the leading causes of fatal road crashes in the UK, including breaking the speed limit, drunk driving, not paying attention, careless or aggressive driving, and not wearing a seat belt. Many of these and the majority of reasons for road traffic accidents can be avoided with a bit more care and self-awareness when on the road.

16 Car Cleaning Hacks

Most car owners understand that keeping a car clean during a busy week is not always easy. So the team at OSV  have come up with 16 expert hacks to help keep things in pristine condition with little or no effort and have compiled them into the following infographic....

The 15 Corporations That Create Most Cars

With such a wide variety of car brands and car models, it may come as a surprise that only 15 corporations are behind the creation of most cars that are on the road. This infographic has a lot of information to cruise through regarding these 15 parent companies including the current and retired car brands under each, as well as the country that each corporation is located in.

10 Types of Rideshare Drivers and How to Handle Them

With every ride-share journey, you enter a roulette, one where you are being paired with your very own human chauffeur. This means that you’ll to be forced to interact with a stranger that could become your best friend or your worst enemy. Here is a guide created by The Zebra to the most common ride-share driver personalities and how to handle them.

Truck Accidents: Big Dangers Lurking on the Road

The American economy is reliant on the ability of commercial trucks to deliver goods back and forth between our communities. From food to medical supplies to consumer goods and beyond, many of our daily items are shipped by trucks. Because of this, America has an incredibly high quantity of semi-trucks on the road and for the innocent motorist who shares the road, trucks are a deadly menace.

Top 5 Selling Fords of All Time

Ford is one of the most iconic and storied car brands on the road today and has been for the past 100 hundred years. Because of this exceptional legacy, the team at Thorncrest Ford has created an infographic that celebrates Henry Ford’s remarkable achievement that has lived to this day. They chose the top 5 selling Fords of all time as homage.