American Trucking Industry Statistics For 2020

The American trucking industry plays an important role in the American and world economy. The free flow of goods and services is critical to our economic success. The success of the trade agreement with China is promising and industry experts see signs of improved trucking income in the second half of 2020. American Freight has put together the following infographic which looks at American trucking industry statistics For 2020.

Alternative Energy Sources To Power Your Car

Whether you’re interested in green energy or are considering buying an alternative-powered car further down the line, the team at CarRentals recently published their ranking of the most promising alternative energy sources. This includes the most comm sources like electric/battery, biodiesel and hydrogen cell fuel to more intriguing ideas like sewage, coffee, and chocolate.

What is Line Painting?

Line painting refers to any lines you see on roads, parking lots or in parkades. Both drivers and pedestrians alike rely on proper road markings to stay safe and avoid accidents. Line painting is not only important for safety, but it also plays a role in affecting businesses. Learn more about what line painting is in this infographic.

Best Private Jets: Top 10 Luxury Aircraft of 2020

Whether you are an aspiring private jet owner or simply an enthusiast of luxury aircraft, this infographic shows you the basics of the ten best business jets for 2020. Each entry includes a brief description, specifications, cost, and important considerations for would-be owners. The jets are predominantly super mid-size and large aircraft worth capable of long-haul flights.

How Much Do Americans Drive?

The US Department of Transportation has released data that shows that the average American drives more than 1,000 miles per month and up to a whopping 13,474 miles each year. But there’s a significant difference when it comes to gender, with the average male driver recording 16,550 miles each year and the average female driver 10,142 miles or 63% less.

Ride Hailing Market Trends and Business Opportunities

A flurry of ride-hailing apps have launched in the past decade, all with their unique USPs. This market is ripe for growth and offers a great opportunity for new players to pave their way to success. The following infographic offers useful insights into the current state of the ride-hailing market, the dominant players, their business model and the essential features necessary to launch a successful ride-hailing mobile app.

How Long Will My Car Accident Settlement Take

Being involved in a car accident can be very traumatic. It can lead to hefty medical bills and most victims temporarily lose their ability to return to work. As a result, it can be near impossible to pay bills. This infographic gives a detailed fun-down and closure for a typical car accident settlement.

Safe Riding Tips For Electric Scooters

Electric scooters, also known as E-scooters, offer a transportation option for individuals who do not have their own vehicles. E-scooters can provide benefits to users, however care must be taken to ride safely and avoid injury. In this infographic, discover some safe riding tips for electric scooters.

Uber & Lyft Rates & Coverage Areas – 2019 Year In Review

Over 1 million unique search queries occurred on Up Hail in 2019 in the US. Using this data set, their data science and visualization team analyzed and discovered key insights about Uber & Lyft with regards to coverage area, pricing, services offered, average distance and duration of trips. In the following infographic, you will find some interesting stats and figures that may surprise you.