Gas Prices Through History

We might deny it. We might diminish its importance. We might not like it. But the fact is that gas prices are intrinsically linked with the overall economy in the U.S. and have been for decades. In this infographic, take a look at the gas price history of the United States to see how much a gallon of gas cost through the years as well as how much it would cost today accounting for inflation.

The History of the Solar-Powered Car

The history of solar-powered cars began as a humble 15-inch solar-powered car model made of balsa wood in 1955. Along the way, many marvelous innovations have emerged. Here is a timeline of solar cars that celebrates the advances in solar technology and can help us to imagine the bright opportunities to come.

The History of Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are used in a variety of ways including temporary modifications to separate and merge lanes, marking pedestrian paths, indicating potholes, and blocking-off roadside construction. Yet, this wildly successful innovation wasn’t a feat of meticulous engineering – it was the brainchild of a Los Angeles road worker and a local shop operator.

41 Ships, Boats, & Yachts From Pop Culture

There’s something so captivating about a majestic, powerful vessel braving the high seas. There’s a vast sense of freedom that’s both liberating and terrifying. Many stories are told upon the expanse of the ocean, and the boats, ships, and yachts often become legendary characters themselves.

The 20 Most Expensive Yachts

This data set provided by the team at SI Yachts, depicts the largest and most expensive yachts currently on the water along with who owns each. Ranging from 100 million to almost 5 billion these mega luxury liners are a huge status symbol for the 1%.