How Long Will My Car Accident Settlement Take

Being involved in a car accident can be very traumatic. It can lead to hefty medical bills and most victims temporarily lose their ability to return to work. As a result, it can be near impossible to pay bills. This infographic gives a detailed fun-down and closure for a typical car accident settlement.

Safe Riding Tips For Electric Scooters

Electric scooters, also known as E-scooters, offer a transportation option for individuals who do not have their own vehicles. E-scooters can provide benefits to users, however care must be taken to ride safely and avoid injury. In this infographic, discover some safe riding tips for electric scooters.

Uber & Lyft Rates & Coverage Areas – 2019 Year In Review

Over 1 million unique search queries occurred on Up Hail in 2019 in the US. Using this data set, their data science and visualization team analyzed and discovered key insights about Uber & Lyft with regards to coverage area, pricing, services offered, average distance and duration of trips. In the following infographic, you will find some interesting stats and figures that may surprise you.

Luxury Chauffeur Service Vs. Ride-Sharing Services

Entrepreneurs in the early 2000’s launched to the public the affordable Luxury Chauffeur Service. In 2013, ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, helped netizens in the city to provide the safest and comfy transport. Even though these two services are to benefit the urban transportation mutually, Luxury Chauffeur Service and Ride-Sharing still have their differences.

How to Stay Safe When Driving During Bad Weather

No matter how good you are at driving, you have to keep in mind that accidents can happen unexpectedly. Most people don’t realize it, but every time you’re on the road, you and other road users are always at risk of danger. Accidents can happen in a split second, but the risk of one happening can always be reduced when drivers comply with safe driving practices.

ULEVs (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) in the UK

In his first speech as Prime Minister in July 2019, Boris Johnson introduced us to his plan for – amongst other things – the United Kingdom to become ‘the home of electric vehicles’… or more specifically: ULEVs. Ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) is a broad term that encompasses a variety of low carbon and zero-emission vehicles. From Nissan Leafs to Teslas, more and more green cars are hitting our TV screens, billboards and motorways.

The Benefits of Leasing a Car

Did you know that the benefits of leasing a car go far beyond just driving away with a shiny new set of wheels? You can get the latest technology, a full manufacturers warranty and fixed monthly repayments to name some of the benefits. This informative infographic represents the many different benefits of leasing a car and what you should consider before taking out the lease.