The Process For Obtaining a NSW Driver Licence

If you need to acquire a driver’s license in NSW, do not assume the process will be straight forward. In this infographic, courtesy of Driving Test, the information about the NSW license has been broken down into steps so as to give a clear understanding of how to obtain a full license.

6 Top Company Cars For 2020

Driving a company car can be one of the biggest perks of a job. It means that your employer will cover your major driving expenses, including the cost of the car itself — so you could drive a luxury car without the luxury price tag! This infographic shows you the most popular current selections of company cars — including the BMW Series 3, the Toyota Corolla, and the Jaguar I-Pace and more.

Which Airlines Have Had the Most Crashes Over the Past 10 Years?

3,930 people have died in plane crashes over the past 10 years. As high as that number might sound, it’s nothing when you consider 2.7 million people fly every year out of the United States alone. Still, it’s quite scary to think about the possibility of getting into a plane crash. If you want to look at your options before flying, look no further than this infographic which reveals every airline that has had a crash in the past decade and how many people have died.

Applying for Driver Accreditation in Australia

Working for a transport company, especially as a professional driver in Australia, can be quite challenging and at the same time rewarding. Do you want to become a licensed driver? Having a full-time driver licence is not enough when it comes to driving public vehicles in Australia such as a hired car, motorcycle, public bus, ride-share, courier vehicle etc. In that case, a driver accreditation from a particular state or territory is also mandatory.

The Biggest Automotive Safety Recalls of All Time

How dangerous does a vehicle need to be in order to be recalled? It turns out that even if a defective vehicle or a defective automotive part hasn’t caused any injuries or deaths, it can and should still be recalled if it has the potential to injure or kill someone in the future. This visual timeline reveals the biggest automobile recalls of all time.

Car Window Tinting Laws in Australia

Days get warm in Australia and the heat can quickly ramp up in your car the moment the sun shines. If you are after a solution that keeps your car cooler, stops harmful UV rays from reaching your skin, reduces sun glare and makes car trips overall more enjoyable in Summer, tinting your car windows will come up like the way to go. This infographic has gathered all the regulations by state, so you know what to ask for when making your decision on the tinting film to use.

American Trucking Industry Statistics For 2020

The American trucking industry plays an important role in the American and world economy. The free flow of goods and services is critical to our economic success. The success of the trade agreement with China is promising and industry experts see signs of improved trucking income in the second half of 2020. American Freight has put together the following infographic which looks at American trucking industry statistics For 2020.

Alternative Energy Sources To Power Your Car

Whether you’re interested in green energy or are considering buying an alternative-powered car further down the line, the team at CarRentals recently published their ranking of the most promising alternative energy sources. This includes the most comm sources like electric/battery, biodiesel and hydrogen cell fuel to more intriguing ideas like sewage, coffee, and chocolate.