13 Scariest Airplane Landings in the World

Air travel is considered the safest mode of transport. But these scary-adventure-park like landings will make you believe otherwise. Hold your breath and be prepared to get shook up with Traveldecorum’s infographic entitled “13 Scariest Landings in the World.”

Car Parts, Accessories, and Fun Facts You Need to Know

Did you know that there are about than 30,000 parts to your automobile? This infographic some of the most important parts and accessories in both the exterior and interior of your car. Additionally, it gives you great insight into each part and you will even discover some fun trivia about the clutch, tail light, and radio/music player.

What is Nano-Tinting Technology?

Being comfortable while driving is one of the best ways of preventing a car accident. According to a study from the U.K., 3,000 car accidents are caused by sun glare, which is why modern car companies have come up with the idea of introducing Nano-tinting technology. Not only that it will protect you, but also it will upgrade your cars look and efficiency.

The Meaning of 52 Car Dashboard Indicators

With over 50 different warning lights that can appear on a car’s dashboard, drivers may be confused when they see a lit symbol they don’t recognize. This infographic shares the meaning to 52 of these dashboard lights and aims to put drivers at ease by helping them to recognize which ones need immediate attention, and which ones can wait.

A Look at the Most Memorable Movie Cars

Having the vehicle become a movie’s lasting icon is not a common occurrence but has happened several times over the past few decades. Batman would not be the same without his Batmobile, and audiences felt like they were on the Griswolds’ memorable vacation in the family’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster. The following infographic looks at some of the most memorable movie cars.

Why Automotive CMOS Sensors Are Better Than CCD Sensors

A sudden dip of the prices of digital imaging solutions occurred possibly because of the innovations that makes their production much more cost-efficient. This is evident in CMOS or Complementary Metal-Oxide Superconductor image sensors that are very popular in the market because they are  cheaper than the CCD or Charge-Coupled Device image sensors that were predominant before.

Car Service Checklist

For most car owners, car maintenance isn’t intuitive. It takes some general knowledge of all the car parts that are susceptible to wear and tear. Every car is different as well, and your car may have very different needs depending on the model and your driving habits. That’s why the team at Gateway Ford Lincoln have created this car service checklist to give car owners an easy reference to save time, money, and to increase the lifespan of your automobile.

The Mystery of Potholes Explained

As a driver, you may have experienced the frustration of potholes in the roadways. And when they are not fixed, they can cause damage to your vehicle. Potholes develop because water seeps into a crack in the asphalt, and when the temperature changes, the water freezes and expands resulting in the breakdown of asphalt. Learn more about the mystery of potholes in this infographic.

DIY Car Repairs

When it comes to DIY car repairs, they can come off a little intimidating. However, there are several car repair projects anyone can do. From air filter replacement to the common oil change, there are a number of repairs to consider doing yourself before taking your vehicle in to the professionals. With the use of this helpful DIY car repairs guide, you’ll learn the timeline on when certain parts need to be replaced and more.

How Americans Commute

American commuting statistics can certainly be disheartening, with a large majority of workers in the United States having to rely on their cars to get to work. However, in some cities, the transportation situation is much better than in others. This infographic takes a look at the top cities across America with the highest percentages of walking, biking, and public-transportation-using workers