Top Benefits of Real-Time Tracking for Public Transport

The advancements in GPS and cloud technology have made real-time tracking a viable solution for many fleet organizations today, including city bus companies. Where cities and public transport groups have started to implement GPS tracking into their city bus operations, the efficiency of their systems have dramatically increased. This has made a significant impact on the daily life of their customer.

Car Accidents In Maryland

Did you know that every year, there are over 90,00 vehicle crashes in Maryland and that in those crashes, over 40,000 people suffer injuries and nearly 500 are killed? Or how about  the fact that over 100 pedestrians are killed in vehicle accidents every year in...

How Blockchain Will Protect Your Driverless Car

Once a distant dream, driverless vehicles are quickly becoming a reality. So what’s keeping autonomous vehicles off of public roads? Right now, it largely boils down to cyber-security. After all, some modern vehicles have already been targeted by hackers. A highway dominated with driverless cars would need to be impenetrable by cybercriminals before it could be deemed safe.

Why You Should Buy a Used Car

Buying a used car used to come with the stigma of an overzealous salesman and untrustworthy vehicles. But with cars staying on the roads longer than ever, a used car can be a fantastic financial decision, saving you money up front and in insurance costs while providing the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle. Discover reasons why you should buy a used car in this infographic.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales and Usage

Electric vehicle sales are on the rise. Finally, they are becoming mainstream. But how much better for the environment are these cars? It turns out, unless you’re getting your electricity from a renewable or clean source of energy, you’re just pushing the pollution to a different spot along the process. See which countries are buying the most electric cars and in which countries electric vehicles are the highest percentage of vehicles on the road.

The History of Public Transportation

Since the 1820s, various forms of public transportation have come and gone throughout the world, making an impact not only on how we travel but also on today’s general structuring of cities. As the earliest bus services started springing up all over the world, getting from point A to point B became easier than ever, furthering the divide between urban city centers and suburban neighborhoods.

The Largest Metro Systems Worldwide

Have you ever wondered which city in the world has the best public transportation? This microscopic look into massive metro systems across the globe from TitleMax can help you find out. From system length to annual journeys to ticket prices to the size of the cities they serve, the information here can paint the wider picture of global public transport.

Car Safety Patents That Saved Millions Of Lives

When we hop in our cars, we take for granted the various safety features that help keep us safe when driving, but they haven’t always been there. In fact, at one time, cars were really quite unsafe and dangerous to drive. This infographic takes a look back at the original patents at some of those common safety features in our cars and how they first came about, including seat belts, windscreen wipers, airbags and more.

The 25 Most Dangerous Highways in the United States

Over 35 thousand people died in automobile accidents in 2015. While this number was slowing dropping as society made more and more safety advancements over the past several decades, the number unexpectedly increased in the last few years and shows no signs of dipping again. This begs the question, ‘Which highways are the most dangerous?”