How Does War Affect Flight Prices?

Here is an infographic, courtesy of FlightsFinder, that features information about how wars can impact the price of flights around the world. It is broken down into sections including the price of oil, travel time, supply and demand and share price. Read on to learn why the cost of the flights for your trip may have increased.

What Are Flexible Airline Tickets? Why They Are More Important Than Ever

The last two years have seen countries suddenly closing borders and travel restrictions appearing from all corners of the globe. Nobody wants to be paying huge penalties if they have to change or cancel their flights. So, since Covid 19 took over, many airlines started offering much more flexibility on all of their tickets to ensure their customers’ trust.

9 Weird Facts About Time Zones You Didn’t Know

If you have ever traveled, done business or even have important contacts around the world, then you will know all about the issues that come with time zones. As if the foreign language, various accents, and awkward translations around the world weren’t enough of a challenge, prepare to be amazed with some strange and curious things some countries have done with their time zones. 

International Travel Etiquette Tips

As Covid-19 restrictions are relaxing, many are excited to travel again. However, before you pack your bags, it’s important to cover some dos and don’ts of travel etiquette. The infographic from IvyPanda contains traveling tips suited for Asian, African, Arabic, South American, and European countries.

RV Essentials: A Must-Have List When Camping

Hitting the road with an RV may be pleasant, but carelessly traveling without enough preparation could pave the way for several inconveniences. The best way to ensure that you don’t forget anything is to follow a checklist. From kitchenware to repair tools, listing all the supplies you need can save you a great deal of stress. RVPartShop has prepared the following checklist of RV essentials for your next camping trip.

RV Usage Stats, Data, & Trends in the USA

For years, one version of the American dream has been touring this beautiful country in an RV. Once considered a lifestyle primarily reserved for retirees, the love of the motorhome and mobile living has now been embraced by younger Americans. In fact, the 35-54 age group has recently taken the top spot of the RV market!

15 Top Tips on How to Travel Cheap

If you’re looking for a way to travel cheap, you should look into getting a free airline ticket. The airlines have a program that lets you get free flights if you plan on traveling with them for a certain amount of time. Usually these airlines require you to have either a business or first class ticket, and in many cases you will have to make sure your flight is booked by the airline by the first week of departure. 

Las Vegas Reopening Phases

As Las Vegas looks to reopen their economy, tourists and locals can look forward to open pools, water parks, restaurants, and famous attractions such as the High Roller, Slotzilla, as well as the observation deck and thrill rides on top of the Strat. Las Vegas is doing everything that it can to be safe and stay smart, so guests can stay healthy and have fun.

Best Travel Destinations in 2020

The growth in leisure travelers is being foreseen, as stated in the 2018 statistical data from U.S. Commerce Department’s National Travel and Tourism Office. Since 2020 is now upon us, traveling can be something to look forward; however, while there could be various places where you can have the best holiday, you’ll likely end up struggling on where to have your vacation. Luckily, this infographic looks at some of the best places to travel in 2020.