A Travel Guide to Thailand

Known for its beautiful views and exotic foods, Thailand is a popular vacation destination. Called “Land of the Smiles,” Thailand is an Asian country surrounded by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. In this infographic, learn all about Thailand and its rich culture before taking a vacation here.

A Guide for Traveling With Vaping Products

When traveling with vaping devices and supplies, it is important to know the proper policies and procedures to follow. To pack your vaping products, have everything cleaned and packed in carry-on bags not checked luggage, and e-juice follows the same liquid rules as other products in carry-on bags.

Chinese Travel Tips

Traveling to China is not like traveling anywhere else in the world. Because of differences in culture and more, travelers need to prepare for the basics, from what kind of water to drink, how to access social media, to which ATM to use to withdraw money. Here is a guide to make the transition to life in China a breeze.

Finding the Best Hotels for Your Team

Hotels4Teams  has created the following infographic which breaks down the best way to find the right hotel when booking for a group, specifically an amateur sports team. In the image, they cover topics such as star rating, amenities, and breakfast options.

Sipadan Island Diving Guide

Sipadan is a reknown dive destination and often rated in the top 5 dive spots in the world. Diving there requires a permit and these are limited to 176 and can be only obtained from the local dive resorts in advance. This guide from Sipadan.com will help you choose the right resort in order to get a guaranteed Sipadan permit.

7 Health and Fitness Tips for Business Travelers

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is imperative for any living person, and this especially true for the working population. However, doing such essentials becomes difficult if the said employee is required to travel from place to place on an on-going basis on behalf of their company. As busy as business traveling can be, there are actually some simple hacks that employees can follow to ensure they’ll stay on in good physical shape during the trip.

15 Most Unique Travel Scams in Europe

What are some of the most unique travel scams in Europe? For example, Mozart ticket touts in Austria? Photocopied Piazza Navona oil paintings in Italy? Tulips of assorted colors in the Netherlands? In the following infographic, discover at 15 travel scams most unique to Europe.

7 Family Friendly Attractions in Maui, Hawaii

Who doesn’t love a Hawaiian vacation? Regardless of which island you land on, you’re going to have an amazing time. However, let’s take a closer look at some unique and unusual things to do in Maui; specifically on “The Valley Isle”. This infographic dives into 7 unique and memorable, family-friendly attractions in Maui, Hawaii.

15 Most Unique Travel Scams in Asia

Want some Calligraphy work by the emperor’s last nephew in China? How about some Kangaroo essence to boost libido in Australia? Or maybe you would like to get paid to be saved by a helicopter in Nepal? These and several other travel scams in Asia, 15 to be exact, are presented in the following infographic courtesy of Travelscams.org.

Incredible India – 30 Things to Know Before You Go

Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai – these are just some of the cities that tourists find fascinating in India. The country abounds in rich culture and history that will amaze even seasoned travelers. The following infographic by Travel Department is designed to help holiday goers get an overview of what to expect and how to prepare for India holiday.